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Monday, January 31, 2011

They're Back!

Charley yelled,"Hey Babe, come here! You've got to see this!" (Yes, sometimes he calls me Babe)
"What," I yelled back.
"I've never seen anything like this. You've got to see this."
"All right, all right," I said. "I'm coming."

What did I see out our kitchen window?

One robin....

Five robins...

Six robins....


A flock of robins outside in our yard. Yippee! The first sign of spring.
As Dr. Seuss might say....

by Janet F. Smart

One robin,
Two robins,
Three robins,
Four robins!

Red robins,
Fat robins,
Fuzzy little
Baby robins.

Spring robins,
Summer robins,
Tugging wiggly
Worm robins.

Here come more
And more robins,
Hopping in the yard

Have you seen the first robin of spring, yet?


  1. Liked the robins, poem, and the old folk medicines.
    Very interesting, I remember my Mom talking about stuff they used when she was young. Antique Rose

  2. Wonderful poem Janet! Most of the robins are still down here in Florida trying to get fatten up for their trip back north. Lots of them hanging around my yard.

  3. Bless their little hearts I hope they DON'T try to come up here yet - - - or they'll face deep snow and arctic temperatures!

    I don't think even the most persistent of robins could pull a worm out of our rock solid frozen ground.

  4. Hey Janet!

    Now that is a sight to see! I haven't seen them yet. I did hear someone call in to wsaz and asked John about them because they seen them last month. He said something about not all Robins head south for the Winter and that this year more stayed here because there was a lot for them to eat. I hope the ones in your yard are the true Robins that bring in Spring!

    Have a Great Week!

  5. Beautiful poem Janet. I have been invaded by them too. I am so glad, a sign of spring I hope. Just got through writing one about them also.

  6. Yes, I seen them in January. Just before that big snow. Very early! I wonder if they were a little confused because of this crazy weather we've been having?!


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