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Sunday, December 14, 2008


My husband loves tomatoes with thickening (I call it tomato gravy) for breakfast. His mother always made it and after I married him I had to learn to make it.

We had it for breakfast Saturday ( along with some sausage gravy for 2 of my boys who do not like the tomato gravy). It's very good and easy to make, and a lot better for you than the sausage gravy.

I thaw out a quart bag of stewed tomatoes. You could use a quart of canned tomatoes, but all of mine are frozen. You can thaw them in the microwave, but I find it easy to just put it in the skillet, turn the heat on, and put a lid over it. It doesn't take long to thaw this way.

After a few minutes, this is what it looks like thawed:

Put cornstarch into a bowl. (sorry, but I don't measure this-probably 2 or 3 Tablespoons)

Add milk and stir till smooth. (Sorry, I don't measure the milk either, maybe 1/3 to 1/2 cup. You can start out with the small amount, and can always add more later)

Pour into the tomato mixture. Do this while the tomato mixture is hot and bubbly. Stir constantly until mixed thoroughly.

Add more milk, if necessary, to get it to the thickness you like.

Finished tomato gravy poured on top of crumbled up drop biscuits, topped with dabs of butter.

If you're real hungry you can fry some eggs and bacon to go with it.

After we ate, my husband put some suet out for the birds. He had to stand with one foot on a chair and the other on the deck railing in order to reach up far enough to hang it on the tree limb. This is the same tree where the hornet's nest was this summer.

But his risk taking was worth it, here is our first red feathered customer. You don't usually see cardinals eat suet, but I guess he was hungry.

What's your favorite winter bird to watch?


  1. I have never had tomato gravy but it looks good, might have to try it.

  2. Janet: What a neat post about the two feeding. Nice shot of the Cardinal. I like them and the blue Jays because they are so colorful.

  3. The only thing I ever get to see in the big harsh city is pigeons. Don't care for them at all. The ones here are dirty and mess everywhere! I thank you for showing me he beautiful cardinal. Now that I could enjoy.

    The tomato gravy sounds good, might have to make that soon. Thanks for sharing. xxoo

  4. My mom used to make tomato grave, she called it creamed tomatoes. And batter bread.
    I don't think I have a favorite bird to watch. I like them all. But if I had to choose I guess it would be a hawk.

  5. I've never had the tomato gravy but I'm sure it is good because I like tomatoes. I do like the sausage gravy poured over biscuits. Yummm
    As for the birds, I love to watch all birds. The cardinal is high on my list as the most beautiful winter bird.

  6. I know folks who love tomato gravy-but I've never made it-but I think I will soon! Love the bird pics.

  7. I've never made tomato gravy but I think I would like it. Thanks for the reminder to get some suet - I haven't gotten any yet this year. blessings, marlene


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