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Monday, January 30, 2012

Sit Back and Accept It

When we were young, we always said we would never be like our parents. But, I am here to tell you it happens!

It starts out small: you might not notice it at first, then WHAM! You look in the mirror one day and you see your mom or Dad looking back at you. You not only look like them, you have become a clone. I am convinced that if we took a trip back in time, we would see a part of us in the faces of our ancestors.

I think it all starts when we become parents. you find yourself saying things to your kids that your  parents said to you when you were a kid.

Then the physical changes start to appear. Remember how you used to grin and snicker when you glanced over and saw your dad asleep with the newspaper in his hands or noticed  your mom dozing off during her favorite TV show.

Yep, I have reached that stage in life. I seem to sleep much easier in the lazy boy than in my bed. My husband cannot sit down on our couch without his eyes closing. He says the couch is too comfortable.

You will never do that, you say. Just wait. Your day will come.

Do you have your middle age body yet? No. Well do not worry, it is hiding around the corner waiting to surprise you when you least expect it. Sometimes I wonder who that slim girl is in those old pictures of me. I may have thought I was too heavy then, but I never had a spec of trouble with my weight until I hit 40. Then it crept up on me at a pound or two a year.

Mom always said she could not snack after supper. I always wondered where she got her will power. My parents would come out and spend Saturdays with us when the kids were little and no matter how hard we tried to get her to eat that bowl of ice cream or hand full of chips or cookies with us in the evening, she turned  them down. She said it made her have nightmares. My husband, who loves to snack at night says, "I have the stupidest dreams when I eat late at night. Do you think that is what your mom called nightmares?"

I cannot eat late at night now, but that may be a blessing in disguise. Maybe I will be able to lose those extra pounds that have crept up on me.

Yes, it comes slowly at first; you may not even notice it. However, one day the reality of it all will hit you smack dab in your face. The truth will be staring back at you when you look in the mirror.

You have become your parents. You might as well sit back and accept it.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Thrift Store - Books, Books, Books

I love books! All kinds of books.

When I went to the Mountain Mission thrift store today while my husband was at the dentist getting work done on his root canal, I found their books on sale for 20 cents. Was I ever happy.

I came out of the store with my arms full of books.

And then on the way home when we stopped at the Sissonville Library to drop of  February copies of Two-Lane Livin', I found four books on their for sale shelf for 25 cents each!

four hardback quilting books, hardback crochet book, 
Kovel's Antiques and Collectible 2011 price guide book, etc.


Three Little Golden Books, The Dot, The Family Under the Bridge, The Homecoming, 
The Boxcar Children and The Doctor's Daughter

I just couldn't pass these books up at these prices.

Earlier this week I received this box of goodies in the mail. 
I had won a giveaway over at

box filled with pretty things!

Have you found any good deals lately?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Fangled Gadget in an Old Fashioned World

We are just an old fashioned couple. . .

guess which one is me

with old fashioned ancestors. . .

surrounded by old fashioned things. . .

My husband has went from collecting old fashioned transistor radios. . .

to buying a new fangled I Pod.

And, I joined Twitter today. I don't know what I am going to Tweet about,  but time will tell. If you belong to Twitter, friend this old fashioned girl, so I won't be so lonesome over there.

Are you old fashioned in a new fangled world?

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Birds - God's Gift on a Snowy Day

It snowed and our bird friends put on a show. Our finches visited the salad bar.

The table was solid ice and the blue jays just slid on in for take out. . .

picked up their order. . .


and flew away!

The comical looking titmouse partook of his share of the meal.


The cardinal decided to just sit and look gorgeous!

 I think these little fellows are so cute! Know what they are? Hint: Their name  is in the list below.


 We just love watching the birds! To name a few, we have cardinals, blue jays, titmice, red-bellied woodpeckers, downy woodpeckers, wrens, purple and yellow goldfinches, sparrows, juncos, starlings, doves, pigeons, and chickadees. 

They say birds have a knack for knowing when a winter storm is approaching.

If the feeders are jam-packed with birds, and if the birds linger until past their usual last-call time, you can bet bad weather is on the way. Birds are sensitive to atmospheric pressure, and the lows that precede a storm are a signal to stock up while the getting is good.

Are the birds eating you out of house and home this winter?

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Vintage Thingie Thursday - Kitchen Gadgets

I'm participating in Vintage Thingies Thursday hosted by Colorado Lady. Go visit and see who else is posting their vintage thingies.

I love vintage kitchen gadgets. I have a little display of them here in a room that used to be our laundry room. It is now an area filled with vintage kitchen stuff. They were made so colorful in the old days. What is your favorite kitchen color?

Here are a few more in the corner. . .

that are sitting on top of this little kitchen cabinet.

Here is another little shelf filled with a few of my salt and pepper shakers and my mom's blue creamer on the top.

And everyone needs a mixing bowl with potato mashers

If you are working in the kitchen you need a few colorful  aprons to go with your colorful gadgets. . .

 and if you want more you can make some from old dish towel calendars.

Hope you enjoyed looking at a few of my vintage kitchen thingies.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Does This Guy Look Familiar?



A few weeks ago we stopped at a small museum on the Kanawha Blvd. in Charleston

Does this guy look familiar?

He sits high atop this tower which holds a tiny museum.

You can't go inside, you just walk around it and look at the displays inside the windows. This plaque tells of Shoney's founder, Alex Schoenbaum.

Here is inside one of the windows. I like the prices.

My husband remembers one time when they had the 'Big Boy' at the restaurant/bowling alley on the West Side down for repairs. Some boys from his high school "kidnapped him" on Halloween night.  As a prank, they brought it to Sissonville High School and put it on the roof of the school where the main entrance was. The next day the principal spoke over the PA system and demanded "Who did this?" No one spoke up. They had the custodian take it down and return it to Shoney's. My husband still laughs when he recalls this memory.

I have memories of going there and the waitresses coming out to your car to get your order. They brought it back and attached the tray of food to your window. I didn't know you could go inside until one time a date took me inside to sit down and eat. Silly me, I didn't get out much, I only thought it was a 'drive in.'

Anyone have any memories of going to Shoney's or some other drive in and having them come to your car for your order?

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Writing Wednesday- Ready-Set-Submit

I have started the New Year out with a bang! I have four large envelopes ready to address and send out to publishers. I have finished a picture book that my writing group and I love and I can't wait to find a publisher who loves it just as much as we do. Wish Me Luck

I submitted another PB to Rate Your Story. This manuscript is one I wrote a few years ago and I retrieved it recently to work on it again. It has been edited a couple of times, but I feel it still needs some work done to it.

Last year I made a resolution to submit at least one manuscript or poem every month. I kept that resolution. I am making the same resolution this year. I think you can do it, too. Why not make this resolution with me.

Cold weather has finally arrived, accompanied with a little snow. I wish it had came in time for Christmas, but that is okay. About a month ago I blogged about writing a story about a snowman village and posted a recipe for a cookie I called, Snowballs.

Since the weather is cold, I thought I would post my little story about the snowman village for you to read.


Down the road beneath the tall trees and under silvery skies, stand snowmen all in a row.
They live in a village where all good snowmen go when they are tattered and soiled.
Some have missing eyes, some have missing arms, some have missing noses, and some are so plump that they have missing buttons.
At night under the snowy skies, the animals gather to repair the tattered snowmen one by one.
They bring new buttons for their eyes. They bring new branches for their arms. They bring new carrots for their noses and they bring new buttons for their plump bellies.
The next morning the new snowmen are gone, leaving only bare spots on the ground where they once stood.
Where they go no one knows. But, I heard when snowflakes fall in snowman villages all over the world, a new snowman finds a home.

Happy Writing!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Food for Thought and Prosperity

I am determined to have a good year . . .

how about you?

I know there are lots of food traditions out there for New Years Day. But, in our part of the country, the tradition is eating cabbage. It will bring you good fortune, money, etc.

I think our 7 1/2 lb. head of cabbage should take care of it. As a matter of fact, it should feed just about anyone who would care to drop by. We picked this prize head up at a local store a few days ago at only 12 cents a pound. They only had huge ones to pick one, but that is okay, my husband likes making a very big pot of it when he cooks.

Go here to see how my husband makes it. It is very good.

Enjoy your day today and eat whatever food brings you luck in your neck of the woods.

Happy New Years and try not to make any resolutions you can't keep.