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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Food, Finds and New Story

Hey everybody, I'm posting about a simple taco dish, yard sale finds and a new story I'm writing.

I made this taco dish a few days ago. It is very good.

2 tubes Pillsbury Crescent Rolls
16oz sour cream
8oz softened cream cheese
1 1/2 lbs ground beef
1 packet taco seasoning
1 pint pizza sauce
2 cups sharp cheddar cheese
chopped lettuce, chopped tomatoes
2 cups crushed Doritos
1 - 8oz jar medium taco sauce

Brown ground beef in skillet and drain. (I use the real lean ground beef and I usually don't have any fat to drain) Add taco seasoning and pizza sauce. Simmer until well combined. Remove from heat and cool slightly.

Roll  out crescent rolls on 1/2 sheet baking pan to make a single layer crust. Bake 10 minutes or until golden. Apparently my baking pan wasn't large enough, there was only enough room for 1 1/2 pkg of the crescent rolls.

Combine sour cream and cream cheese and beat until well blended and creamy. Spread the mixture all over the cooled crust.

Gently spoon ground beef mixture over the top of sour cream mixture. Sprinkle cheddar cheese over the beef mixture. Layer with lettuce and tomatoes. (I didn't have tomatoes, so none were added) I refuse to buy tomatoes from the store off season. They are too expensive and taste awful!

Crush Doritos and sprinkle over top of vegetables. (I only used 1 1/2 cups of crushed Doritos).I put my Doritos in a small Ziploc bag and crushed with my hands.  Lastly, pour taco sauce over the entire dish.


This is very good. I have a few suggestions, though. It makes a lot! Unless you have a large family or you are taking it to a pot luck dinner, HALF the recipe and it will make plenty.

Also, my son said he would rather I left the taco sauce off and let people add it on their serving in their plate. He is not that crazy about the taco sauce. This would be very easy to do.

I went to a couple of inside yard sales today. I picked up a few things, among them. . .

candles, Little Golden Books and 2 very nice 5 x 7 frames. 

I love the frames, they are vintage looking and made of metal and would look great with pictures of my ancestors in them. I also collect Little Golden Books, I hope I don't already have these, I'll have to check.

NEW STORY! I haven't been posting as much as usual lately, because I came up with an idea for a new story. I have been writing! When I am on a roll, I hate to stop. This story takes place in the mid 1940s. I was calling it, Ruby Mae, but I am now thinking about calling it Ruby Mae and Nellie. Ruby Mae is (at the moment) 19 yrs old and Nellie is her young 6 year old niece. Spunky Nellie wants to share the spot light with Ruby Mae, so I decided I should include her in the title, too. I've a long ways to go, I am only on Chapter Three, but hopefully I will keep plugging along until I am finished. I think it will be geared for Upper Grades.

Happy Weekend, everyone!

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  1. The recipe looks and sounds delicious! Best wishes with that new book project! Sounds great!

  2. The recipe sounds a good one, thanks.

    I love finding bargains, and your frames look lovely.

    Good luck with the new book. I like the one name title, but both are good. Happy Scribbling!

    Glynis Smy (writer)

  3. Hi Janet,
    I love your blog; it looks like we have a lot in common. Thanks for stopping by mine and sign on to follow as I did yours. Enjoy your weekend.

  4. The Little Golden Books are charming, what a nice collection to have. Especially fitting for a writer of children's stories :)

    I like the sound of your story, too. They sound like two interesting characters you're bringing to the page. Happy writing!

  5. My kids had that exact same Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy book.
    I love the little books too and have several.
    Good luck with the story. Don't quit. I often do and lose my thread amongst the fibers of the story.
    Blessings, Barb

  6. I'll have to give that recipe a try! I've made something similar but without the Doritos and cream cheese. I'm sure that would give it some extra kick!

    Have a Great Day!

  7. I am definitely going to have to try your taco dish! My husband loves Mexican casseroles. I have one that is kind of similar, which uses corn chips and campbell's cheddar cheese soup. But yours sounds wonderful with the crescent rolls! You also had some nice finds at the antique store. I collect Little Golden Books too. My all-time favorite is the Pokey Little Puppy. How nice that your story is rolling along so well! It is a wonderful feeling when a story starts to come together. I wish you all the best. Have a lovely evening! Delisa :)

  8. I love Little Golden Books, too!
    Your story sounds very interesting...great name for a title. Good luck with your writing.

  9. Your recipe makes me hungry! Maybe I need to get off this computer and go cook:))

  10. Great news about the writing spurt! And the dish looks yummy too!

  11. Looks delicious! And I used to love little golden books!

  12. That recipe looks GOOD~thank you for sharing it.

    Those frames are a great find. They are one of my favorite things to look for at the flea market. You can never have out too many pictures of friends and family!

    Your new story sounds so interesting~I'm looking forward to hearing more about it! I know what you mean about not blogging when you're on a roll.


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