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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Making a Wreath from Book Pages

I was browsing the internet this morning and came across this post about making a wreath from pages of a book.

You can click here for her post and see her instructions. Her wreath is much prettier than mine. I don't know how she did it, but her finished product looks perfect!

I did mine a little different.

First, instead of covering mine with torn pages, I used material that I tore in around 1 1/2" strips. And - I also made mine out of a Styrofoam wreath form that I had here at the house.

In order to get the paper to come out looking somewhat like a cone, fold from the corner of the paper. Hot glue the end flap of the paper and then hot glue them onto the form. I find it's best to make a bunch of them first and then glue them onto the form.

You can use white material so it matches the paper, but I used gold. (It would probably look neater if the material was white, because it would match) Glue as many layers as you want, the more layers you glue, the fuller it will be. Since I used a form, and it is thicker than the cardboard she used, I glued all of mine on the front of the form.

Okay, I thought I was finished.

But, I found a pretty yellow rose and glued it on. Then I glued a small string of pearls around the middle. Then, I still wasn't satisfied.  So I got out my buttons! I glued buttons here and there all around the inside wreath opening. I love buttons and it helped cover up the ends of the paper tubes :o)

If you decide to make it - have fun!

There are a lot of different ways you could make it. The white looks kind of elegant. You can leave it plain or add flowers and other embellishments.

That's the fun thing about crafting - everyone can put their own touch onto something and make it different. No two are ever alike.

Posted byJanet Smart  on Writing in the Blackberry Patch.