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Friday, May 13, 2016

They're Back!

MacArthur told the people in the Philippines, "I shall return."

Arnold, in The Terminator, said, "I'll be back."

And my pretty yellow iris's are back.

Seventeen years ago the cicadas were here and, as they promised, they are back.

These red-eyed creatures with their shrill song and long wings have taken over the land.

here are two emerging from their shell

 empty shells underneath our Catawba tree leaves

 on our neighbor's house

A couple of evenings ago when I was walking I heard them singing.

Now I will not be the only one with ringing in my ears. Everyone will hear the song of the cicada.

Oh the noise - the beautiful noise emerging in the quiet countryside.

I did a little research.

As billions of insects emerge, they can reach a density of 1.5 million cicadas an acre in some areas. They live above ground for four to six weeks. All they are interested in is screaming, singing, seeking out a mate and laying eggs in slits of small branches of trees. Females can lay up to 400 eggs each. In about six weeks the nymphs emerge, fall from the trees and burrow anywhere from six to eighteen inches into the ground where they feed for the next thirteen to seventeen years.Then . . . they'll be back.

Are they out in your area, too?