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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sam the Scarecrow

You remember that pretty little scarecrow Halloween out fit I got at a yard sale about a week ago.

I told you I had plans for it. Well here is what I made. First I got a couple of dowel rods and duct taped them together for the body and arms. I pushed them into an empty flower pot.

I pushed the shirt and coveralls down through the stick. I had to unbutton the shirt and do a little maneuvering with the sleeves. The pants were for a toddler and had snaps along the inside leg seems, so I was able to put the rod through them easy.

To make Sam's head I used a Styrofoam ball (which I already had in my craft supplies. I had gotten it at a yard sale for 10 cents) and a piece of muslin. I wrapped the muslin around the Styrofoam ball and tied a brown pipe cleaner around the neck to hold the cloth in place.

Here is his head pushed down onto the dowel rod and a straw hat on top.

I used embroidery thread to make "X" eyes. I started up high so the knot would be under his hat and not show.

I made his mouth and nose with buttons. I put thread through the holes and knotted it and I glued the buttons onto his face.

I went across the road and 'borrowed' some loose hay to put at the bottom of his legs. Grabbed a pumpkin for decoration and glued some leaves onto his hat.

How do you like my Sam the Scarecrow?

All the materials I used were what I had on hand. I had just bought the hat at a yard sale for 25 cents. You can improvise and use whatever you have. Styrofoam balls that large are expensive if you buy them at the store. You could maybe stuff the muslin with stuffing or use something else you have on hand. You can go to a yard sale or thrift store for the clothing and use real leaves for decoration if you don't have the artificial ones.


  1. I love Sam the scarecrow! What a cute idea and I'll be looking with a new "eye" out for styrofoam balls. Cute, cute, cute!

  2. Oh my gosh how cute he is! You are very creative:)

  3. I'm so glad I came by today so I could see this.
    This really turned out well.
    You are very crafty!!

  4. That is tooooo cute!! Very creative. Looks like something out of a craft magazine. Thanks, Kim

  5. Such a cute idea!
    I think I have quite a few of those items on hand. I might just make me one too. If so, I'll post it for you to see.

  6. Sam is a doll! I may have to try this one. blessings, marlene

  7. Cute, Janet! Recycling at its best.

  8. I like Sam the scarecrow.... where'd you come up with the name?

  9. Love scarecrows. Sam is cute. I got stuff together to make a lady scarecrow last year and never got her made. Maybe, I'll get her started.

  10. I LOVE IT!!!
    Great job on your yardsale find!

  11. Sam looks great! Just linked to your post from the MyPunchbowl party planning and online invitations blog where I wrote about making scarecrows for Halloween parties!

  12. That is such a good idea. He's way better than any scarecrow you could buy! I should visit the thrift shop this weekend and pick up some little boy clothes for a scarecrow. Thanks.

  13. Sam is adorable-and you are creative!!

  14. That is adorable! I love his little droopy arms the best!


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