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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Having Fun With Wordle

I've been having fun over at

Go over there and click on Create and type in words. Any words. You can change the font, the color combination and the way they are displayed (horizontal, vertical, a mixture of both, etc.). The more times you type the same word, the bigger that word will be displayed. After you have typed in all the words, click on GO and see your word cloud.

Here is one I made with writing words.

You can print it off or save it to your computer.

To save it, hold the ALT key and press the Prnt Scrn button at the top right of your keyboard. That is what the button is on my computer, yours may be a little different. Doing that will take a screenshot of the window and it copies it to your clipboard.

Open up Paint on your computer and hold down the CTRL key and press V. Windows will  paste your word cloud onto the Paint Screen. Select the portion you want saved, go to Edit and click on Copy. Open a new File, go to Edit and click on Paste. Now you can save your picture as a JPG.

Here is one I did with different bird names.

I know most of you probably already know how to do this,  but it was a fun place to visit, and I thought I would share my word clouds with you.

You could use your imagination with the words and print them off in color and frame them.
If you are into genealogy, you could type in all your family names, for the babies room you could type in nursery rhyme titles, for the kitchen you could type in names of vegetables or fruits.

Have you ever made Word Clouds before?



  1. These would make a cute header for someone's blog!!! how adorable. I'm going over there now to play around with it!

  2. Wow Janet that was pretty neat. I'll have to play around with that.

  3. This is really neat, Janet! I've never done this before, but I'm definitely going to play around with it.

  4. Oh what fun. I'm bookmarkin' it so I can play when I have more time.

    I just returned from TX where I spent time with fam for my Dad's memorial service.

    God bless ya and have a marvelous day sweetie!!!

  5. This is pretty cool. I will be trying this!

  6. This looks like lots of fun! Thanks for posting it. I love the bird name cloud you made and I think genealogy is a great idea. My aunt will love this!

    I laughed when you mentioned Homer Laughlin platters--I love them, too, and have quite a few of them!

  7. Janet, thank you for the tip-these are cute. I love it. Great idea to frame. I think I will do family words and make one :)


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