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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Spring has Arrived When . . .

What is a true sign of spring arriving?
Among other things, it is . . . 

Yard Sales - - I love yard sales!

Great Nike jacket, picture frames and vintage hankies

Fiesta! Yay. $1 each. I'm not sure about the colors, though. I think the bowls are Heather, but I'm not sure. I compared them to the colors online, but still am a little confused. Just know that among all of my Fiestaware, I don't have either of these colors.

Peonies - - -

Lovely, colorful, fragrant peonies.
How do you pronounce it - peo knees or pie knees?

snowball bushes
blueberries growing 

 blackberries blooming

grapes growing 

What is a sure sign of spring in your area?
Do you like yard sales? Collect Fiesta? 
And how do you pronounce peonies?