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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Thoughts

The Finest Church
by Janet F. Smart

The finest church you see
does not outshine the small.
What matters is His love
that dwells inside the walls.

Posted by Janet F. Smart on Writing in the Blackberry Patch

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Vintage Drinking Glasses

I admit it!
I have a collection of drinking glasses. 

They made them so pretty long  ago! The ones  on the left - the yellow/white stiped ones with what looks like a carnation in the middle - I got these at a yard sale. She said they were in flour bags a long time ago. I bought four of them (I think I paid $1 each for them) and she kept the other four.

 These were my moms. I think the boxer one was a peanut butter jar.

I used to refund a lot. These Keebler glasses I obtained free by sending in Keebler cookie upcs.
These are on top of our small freezer. My grandma used to keep her glasses on top of her refrigerator. Did your mom or Grandma do that,  too?

 I love the strawberry glasses. I have four of the Coke glasses. And I love the one with the red flower.

 Here are a few more. As you can tell, I like yellow! But I must confess the one with the torquoise flower on it is one of my favorites.

 This is my latest  addition. I saw this at the thrift  store Tuesday, and I couldn't resist giving her a quarter for this one.  It is very heavy and the cherries and white sections stick out, kind of like they are embossed. I've never seen any like  it before. I wish there had been more of them!

I've had these Anchor Hocking tulip glasses for a long time. They are a favorite of mine. The container in the middle doesn't match, (I believe it must have been put out to match Corelle dishes, because the pattern matches one of their designs).

I love these wheat glasses and  pitcher. I have five of the glasses. I don't know who made them.

And,  last but not least, are my juice  glasses! They are so cute.

I have had more, but gotten rid of them at yard sales. A girl can only have so many glasses, you  know, before they start  to take over.

But, I must confess, I do have more. Maybe I'll  post them on another day.

Which one is your favorite?
Do you collect drinking glasses or maybe  some other item that catches your eye when you see them at yard sales or thrift stores.

I'd love to hear about what you collect.

Posted by Janet F.Smart on Writing in the Blackberry Patch.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Spring Fever in the Middle of Winter

 I'm glad our female cardinal is fat and fluffy. It's cold outside!

I have gotten in the spring fever mode  recently.

I have been going through my kitchen cabinets and refrigerator . . . and tossing stuff.

Do you ever let things on your shelves go out of date?

Some products don't have any dates on them, some have 'best if used by' dates and some have 'sell by' dates.

My buttermilk often goes 'out of date' in the fridge. But I still use it. I let my husband give it the sniff and taste test.
Bread also gets the sniff test. If it smells moldy when I open the bag, but I still don't see any, I usually toss it if it is out of date. But since I often put an extra loaf of bread in the freezer when I get it, I can't always go by the date.

I found a site here that tells you about expiration dates on certain foods.
Here is another article on WEBMD about dates on foods.

What do you do with out of date products you find in your cabinets or refrigerator?

Instantly throw them away.
Think about it for a while, then toss them.
Use them up real fast and hope they are okay.
Toss them, but don't let your husband see you do it. (I do this one a lot)

I've got a bag of expired items ready to go out in the trash on Thursday.

I  promised myself I wasn't going to let things expire again. Hope I can keep that promise. I hate wasting food.

Now, onto my bookshelves, which contain as much 'stuff' as they do books!

Posted by Janet F. Smart on Writing in the Blackberry Patch.