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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Yard Art from Old Valve Handles

My son and I (well actually my son) have been making flowers from old valve handles.

They are so pretty! You don't have to worry about dry spells, frosts or deer eating them, either. Which is a big plus around here.

We already had the old valve handles. Andrew bought long metal rods and cut them into different lengths.

Then he got out his blacksmith coal forge and put the ends of the rods in the fire to get red hot. Everyone needs one of these forges. I bet you could roast a marshmallow in no time.

Then he made a wooden form to shape the metal rods while they were still hot.

While I was out running around, he got out his welder and welded the old valve handles onto the tops of the metal rods that he had bent to look like a flower stem.

Here they are all lined up, painted and waiting for their button middle to be attached.

Do you think I have enough buttons to pick from?


Here they are planted in various locations around my yard:

I love the tiny blue ones with the yellow centers. They remind me of bluets.

I put a big brown button in the tall yellow one to make it look like a sunflower.

I dare a drought, frost or animal to mess with these flowers.

Have you ever made yard art before?

Posted byJanet Smart on Writing in the Blackberry Patch.