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Monday, November 30, 2015

Christmas Hanging Basket

I have seen pictures on the internet of these pretty moss lined hanging baskets converted to Christmassy hanging baskets. They are pretty expensive.

I thought I would make one. So I went to the store and found a couple of those empty baskets. And, they just happened to be on clearance.

I filled it with bendable pine garland.

Now this is the part of the process where you can get creative.
I added a couple of poinsettia bushes, pine cones, a pick, plastic snowflakes, handmade Christmas ball and a handmade felt cardinal.

You can hang it outside on your deck or under the protection of your porch or hang it inside.

I think mine will be hung outside during nice days and brought inside at night and on bad days.

You can also add lights and glass balls to it. Most of the ones I have seen on the internet are decorated that way. I used items I had on hand. And, after I get the rest of my Christmas decorations out, I might add more items to mine. Another way to make it pop, would be to paint the metal parts red.

If these are going to be kept inside, you don't have to glue or tie anything. 

And, unless they are going to be outside in very windy weather, I don't think you will have to do any gluing or tying. Everything seems to stay put pretty good.

I hope you make one. They are very pretty!