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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Easy Mason Jar Craft

I haven't posted a craft for a long time.

This is a very easy one you can make with a canning jar.

Here are most of the supplies you will need:

wide mouth canning jar, ribbon, hot glue gun, material of your choice,
pinking shears, wide mouth jar lid, ink pen to trace circle.

I use the small plate (about 7" across) as a template to trace a circle
and then cut it out with the pinking shears:
Use any material you like, I have cut circles out of an old cutter quilt before.

Turn circle upside down, place wide mouth jar ring in the middle,
hot glue around ring and fold material up around the hot glue.

Here is what finished lid looks like:
Put little dots of glue around the circle to hold the ribbon on.

Now to make your craft complete, get some card stock, cut into rectangles, punch holes in corner and write on the card stock what type of jar you want it to be. Now untie the ribbon, slip your sign onto ribbon and retie.
If you click on my picture to enlarge it, you will see some ideas I gave you for your jars.
Quote Jar, Verse Jar, "Honey Do" Jar, Joke Jar, etc.

Last year for the adult class in Vacation Bible School I had them make verse jars.

One of my friends at church told me this morning that she just loved her verse jar, and that she had already taken all the verses out and read them (I think there were over 300) and she kept them and put them back in and she's going through and reading them again.

I had put a little saying on the card stock label that read: Verses are the Bible's seeds as all of you know; Take one out and read it and it will help you grow."

What you do is look up and type lists of verses, quotes, jokes, etc. and run them off on your computer. Cut them into strips, fold and put into jar.

Now, for the "Honey Do" jar, just write down all the things that you want your "honey" to do, cut into strips, put into jar and tell him to reach in and take one out. He'll just love you for making his decision easy.

Maybe you can come up with your own ideas as to what type of jar to make.

The most time consuming part is typing or writing up the lists to put inside.


  1. Thanks that's a neat idea for our older girls in the Church to make as gifts in Bible School this year.

  2. Thanks for this lovely post. I'll have to make some of these soon. I adore the fabric you used, so nice and colorful. xxoo

  3. Thanks for sharing that nice idea.

  4. Janet, does that "Honey Do" jar really work? LOL

  5. Vera, I guess it's worth a try. If it fails we can make it into a pretty money jar for our change.

  6. Might need a BIGGER jar for the honey do list! This is easy, what a great idea, thank you for sharing Janet:)

  7. This is a great idea!
    Your jars is cute.
    Love the verse idea and the honey do, too.

  8. Cute craft! Would be good for kids to make at VBS or at school.

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