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Monday, October 23, 2017

Making Molasses in the Hills of West Virginia

It is that time of year. 
The time of year to make molasses.
A few weeks ago we went to the annual Liberty Lions Club Molasses Making.

 Below is a pictorial slide show of each step in the process.


Above is the last step. The finished molasses is piped out of the bottom of the big pot into quart or pint canning jars and put on the shelves to purchase.
It is a time-consuming process, but well worth the effort put into it.

They also made apple butter in a big copper kettle.
I have fond memories of making apple butter in 
Grandma's yard when I was young.

The molasses tasted delicious (they let you taste test a spoonful of it). We bought two quart jars of molasses, but didn't buy any apple butter. I make my own apple butter in a big pot on my stove.

It was a fun and learning experience.