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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Creepy, Crawly Spiders

I don't know about you, but this time of year we have trouble with spiders sneaking inside the house. They sit outside the front door just waiting for someone to open it and give them the opportunity to run inside out of the cold. We always have to look for them before coming in.

A few weeks ago when my son was going to class, he opened the front door and a huge black hairy spider ran inside. I couldn't get hold of something quick enough to kill him.
My husband said, "Why didn't you step on him?"
I said, "I didn't have my shoes on."
He said, "So what."
Well, he's crazy if he thinks I'm gonna step on a huge spider without my shoes on.
We checked under the couch and everywhere and couldn't find him, until later in the week I spied him in the kitchen. Well, needless to say that spider is no longer with us. It just gives me the shivers thinking about it.

Even though I hate spiders, I made one a few days ago. You don't have to worry about this one biting you.

Here are the supplies you need.

40 watt lightbulb, red glitter, googly eyes, black paint, black pipe cleaners, foam brush. I also used rubbing alcohol and mod podge.

I cleaned off the bulb using a little rubbing alcohol on a paper towel. I then painted it and pushed it down into the opening of the ribbon spool to dry. (I used apple barrel brand acrylic paint) I put two coats of paint on it.

After it dried, I painted the bottom of the bulb. I turned it upside down and placed it on top of a water bottle cap to dry.

After the paint has dried, cut the two pipe cleaners in half. Bunch them together and hot glue them on top of the bulb as shown below. You can glue them on separately or tie them together with black ribbon or fishing line if you want. Bend the pipe cleaners to look like spider legs. Next glue on the googly eyes. You can use hot glue or tacky glue for the eyes.

I then brushed on a layer of the mod podge and while it was still wet I sprinkled red glitter on his back. When it is dry, the white glue disappears and all you will see is the red glitter.

When he has dried, put him somewhere in your house. But, don't set him on the floor or someone like me just might accidentally step on him.

I know he's kinda creepy, but for those of you out there who would like to have a fake creepy crawly spider in the house for Halloween instead of a real creepy crawly one, give it a try.


  1. I do not like spiders either...but the one you made was pretty cute..I never would have thought of that...great idea for halloween Janet...

  2. I used to be terrified of spiders, but now I just have a healthy respect for them. But then I don't have them waiting outside the door to get in like you do! I like your spider. He's fancy, with the red glitter!

  3. Now, Jan, that is a really neat spider...and...I definitely do not like spiders either. Did you ask Charley if he would have stepped on that spider with his bare foot?

  4. Step on it with your bare foot?
    What is wrong with Charlie? LOL

  5. How creepy and cute is that little spider! I love it! Thanks for sharing the instructions!

  6. The one you made, is my kind of Spider! I don't mind them outside, but inside, they may as well be a Snake and the ony good Snake is a DEAD SNAKE !!! :)

  7. Hey Janet!

    May that spider rest in peace along with all of the spiders that I kill! lol Right now we are having problems with the lady bugs and the black elder bugs trying to come into the house! I hate those bugs! You don't want to step on them because of the smell and the mess they make. You have to get out the vac to get them!

    Your craft spider is just way too cute! I'll have to do that next year! I would this year but my Little Man would probably break the bulb! Now you don't want to do any crafts with those new light bulbs with the mercy in them that you need hazmat to come and clean up your house if they break! I didn't know that until I bought a package of them. I should have taken them back to the store!

    You know you could also make a octopus with that light bulb and pipe cleaners! Do you see it? I do!

    Friday on my way out I opened the garage door and a big frog jumped into the garge to get warm! You need to be on the look out for that too! I couldn't catch him and I had to leave. Who knows where he went?!


  8. Great idea! I'm like you I don't like the real ones and they all get sent to spider Heaven if they come inside.
    If I had stepped on one barefooted, it would probably stick its head between my toes and bite me and I would end up losing a toe or two.
    Nope, I wouldn't have stepped on it either!

  9. I think that's the perfect spider to have in the house. Thanks for sharing how you made him. I think Sister S might like to do that. xxoo


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