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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Small Town - Colorful Fall Decorations

Our small town of Ripley, WV gets into the fall and Halloween spirit this time of year when local organizations decorate the lamp posts.

Yesterday I took a few pictures along the streets of Ripley. I didn't get pics of all of them, but I took enough to get you into the spirit of the season, too.

This little fella sits on one of the side streets.

This scared ghost is near the steps of our courthouse.

I like this one. Looks like a witch had a bad day. In the background you can see one of the little libraries which are located throughout Jackson County.

Are you in the fall spirit now after walking around town with me?

I hope so.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Displaying Vintage Ads

I love vintage ads. I think some of them look like works of art.

I have an old book that I bought at a thrift store a few years ago. It is filled with original Life Magazines from 1938. It isn't in very good shape. A lot of the pages are torn, but it only cost twenty-five cents, so I grabbed it.

It was just sitting on a shelf and not being appreciated. So I cut out some of the ads and framed them.

I love Coke  memorabilia.

I think this is an ad for Coke and International Trucks - two ads in one! I love the yellow - it just pops right out at you.

I hung these two Coke ones up in my dining room.

Here are a few of the other ads I cut from the book. 

I thought this might be cute hung in a baby's room :o)
Another Coke ad
 Apparently, RC Cola held a weekly contest back in the 1930s.
Nice Prize!

Car Ads

 Some ads were funny - the Colgate ad about bad breath and
the Fels-Naptha Soap ad. 

This isn't the first time I've framed ads or pictures from books. 

I  write stories for kids. These are pages from old children's books. The books were in very bad condition. I would never cut pages out of a good book! I think these would look nice hung up in a young child's room.

Have you ever framed magazine or book art?
If not, keep an eye out for old books or magazines.
Try it - I think you will like it.


Monday, October 3, 2016

Nature's Weather Predictors

We’ve had a very hot September where I live. I think it hit 90 degrees almost every day. Yesterday I saw an all-black woolly worm. 

That got me to thinking. Who do you put your belief in – the weatherman or nature’s weather predictors?

There are weather predictors and weather folklore. Here are a few I have come across from the internet and from friends and relatives.

Of course, there is the wooly worm. The larger the light brown band, the milder the winter.

“Red sky at night, sailor’s delight. Red sky in morning, sailor take warning.”

Frogs – They say frogs croak louder and longer when bad weather is on the horizon.

Cattle – They say when cows begin to swat flies and lie down in the fields, a storm is coming.

“Wind from the south brings rain in its mouth”

Crickets – If you count the number of times a cricket chirps in 14 seconds, add 40 and you will get an estimate of the air temperature. 

Pine Cones – When air is dry, pine cones open up and their scales stand out to allow their seeds to be picked up and blown by the wind.  (When I craft with pine cones, I always heat them in a low temp oven – in addition to killing bugs, it opens up the pine cone)

Bees – if you don’t see many bees around, a rain is coming. They sense the humidity in the air and stay home.

Fish – Fish tend to be more active before a storm.

“When ladybugs swarm, expect a day that’s warm.” 

A hazy ring around the sun or moon in summer is a sign that the weather pattern is in for a change – usually bringing rain.

“Clear moon, frost soon.” (Yep, I agree with this one. A clear, windless spring night, usually means we will have a frost.)

Moon – When the moon’s perigee and the full moon occur on the same day, watch for terrible storms. 

Fogs – For every fog in August there will be a snowfall in winter. (We had a lot of fogs in August)

A green Christmas, a white Easter.

Squirrels - A tough winter is ahead if a squirrel’s tail is bushy.

Have you heard of these?
Do you have some of your own to add to the list?