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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Springtime Beauty

I love springtime and the beauty it brings upon the earth.

Our garden has been planted. Our apple and pear trees are full of little apples and pears. Our blueberries and grapes are full of little green fruits. And our flowers are bestowing upon us their colorful and aromatic gifts.

If I Were a Season
 Janet F. Smart

If I were a season, I would pick spring
when new life sprouts beneath my feet
and sunshine warms my soul.

She calls my name to run outside
and explore Mother Earth’s arena
and sniff her sweet perfumes.

“Come to me,” she chants. “Toss
your shoes aside and let your
bare feet frolic upon my green carpet!”

I lift my head and listen to the birds chirp
as they build twig nests
beneath the rainbows in the sapphire sky.

Yes, if I were a season, I would pick spring.
She renews my weary spirit and
cleans the cobwebs from my mind.

Would you pick spring?