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Wednesday, March 5, 2014


I have many collections that I have blogged about before:
tablecloths, aprons, old books, salt and pepper shakers, milk-glass, vintage hats, vintage wash day collections, vintage kitchen utensils, etc.

But, many of you may not know that I used to collect postal stamps. Beautiful stamps are a weakness of mine. I do not collect anymore (too expensive), but still have my collection and get them out every now and then and look at them.

I love flag stamps

 space stamps

 stamps about letter writing

I think letter writing is a lost art.
In a way it makes me sad.
I think hand written letters (though not so quick) are so much more personal than emails and texts.

I have a stack of letters that Mom and Dad wrote to each other before they were married and Dad was in Japan during the occupation - after the end of WWII.

I also have a stack of letters Charley wrote me when he was in the Navy and we were dating.

I love getting the letters out and reading them every now and then. 
Notice the upside down stamp. Do you know what that means?
I bet you do.

 Dinosaur stamps

 Of course, I had to get the Elvis stamps.

 I remember using these Love stamps when they came out.

 Our town of Ripley even had a special post mark on envelopes on July 4, 2007

I have many, many more stamps. Sheets, plate blocks, first day covers, singles, etc.

Do you still write letters?
Have you ever collected stamps?

Posted by Janet Smart on Writing in the Blackberry Patch.