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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Quick and Easy Spooky Decoration

Do you have any pumpkins sitting on your porch?

Don't want to carve them because it's too messy and time consuming.

This is quick and easy . . . and quite spooky looking.

Make a scary witch with your pumpkin.

First, turn your pumpkin on its side. The stem will be her crooked nose!

Get some messy moss for her hair and cover it with a witch's hat.

I was going to draw on her wicked face with a magic marker, but decided to cut out her eyes, eyebrows and mouth from black sparkly felt. I put green buttons in her eyes and green teeth cut from craft foam on her mouth. I thought that made her look a little evil. If you don't like evil, then leave that part out. You could make her a happy witch!

I added a few other decorations - like orange spiders in her hair and on her crooked nose.

Pretty creepy looking!

You can use different materials than I did. I used what I had on hand. Be imaginative and give her green hair (if you have any Easter grass still hanging around your craft room).

I think she will look kinda spooky on my front porch tonight when we greet the trick or treaters!

What's on your front porch?


  1. Nothing; we rarely have kids come by anymore. I said nothing, but there are little spiders in the windows; does that count? :)

    Your witch does look frightening!! :)

  2. What a clever way to use a pumpkin and way less messy. Stop by sometime.

  3. Oh wow! I love it. We live in sunny FL where pumpkins melt, so it's insanity to actually carve them. I keep thinking I need to take up painting them, but this is a super cute alternative.

    Unleashing the Dreamworld

  4. Janet,
    I love your header photo. It is very pretty. This is a great idea for a Halloween decoration. This makes a great decoration and without the mess of having to cut a pumpkin. Great idea!


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