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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Crafty Bunny and a Pesky Rabbit Poem

I decided to make some bunny pins today.
Use your imagination and gather together a bunch of supplies.

ribbon, pom poms, wooden bow-tie shapes, googly eyes, black and white paint, 
pipe cleaners, pin backs, glue, scissors

Those little wooden bowties can be used for a lot of different activities. I also make snowmen pins out of them.  Glue a pin back onto the back of them. (Either hot glue or white glue) If you glue the pin back on them first, you can hold onto it while you paint the bunny white. You can paint the back of the bunny if you want, but you only need to paint the sides and front.

Get pipe cleaners and shape into bunny ears and glue to the backs. Hot glue is best for this, since it dries almost instantly.

I cut wire stems off of flowers to use for the whiskers. you could also use embroidery floss or whatever else you have on hand. Crafting is very flexible, and what you use for materials is limited only to your imagination. I used to craft a lot and have hoards of craft supplies! I got most of them at yard sales.


On one of the bunnies I used google eyes. On the others I painted on the eyes. I think I like the painted eyes better. It is very easy to do. Use the tip end of your paint brush (not the brush end), dip it into black paint and quickly touch where you want the eyes to be. After it dries, use a toothpick to dip into white paint and make  a  dot in the middle of the larger  black dot. If you want, you can make  eyelashes by using the toothpick dipped into the black  paint.

Use ribbon of your choice, tie a bow and glue it onto the front of the bunnies neck. White glue is best for this,  since it disappears after it dries and you can't see it like you can the hot glue. Remember (like you tell your kids) less is best when using glue. Glue small pom poms on for the tails. I happened to have some sparkly white pom poms and used them.

I think they turned out pretty good. I put my favorite onto my blouse.

by Janet F. Smart

I look upon the rabbit
And, oh I hate to see
Him hopping toward my garden
To start his eating spree.

I watch him twitch and wiggle
I watch him chew and munch.
I watch that pesky rabbit
As he eats his lunch.

He loves the tasty carrots
And leafy lettuce, too.
But, dear me, I think he loves
Most everything I grew.


  1. LOVE the bunnies! Do pop over to my blog and collect your award, don't bother with the rules if you are busy.

  2. The bunny pins are so sweet! I loved the poem too; you described those wascally wabbits to a tee!

  3. I love those bunnies and the poem is great. Bunnies can eat a lot of garden stuff.. Susie

  4. Hi Janet, I love your bunny poem! I was amazed when we moved to the country and I saw a rabbit out in the garden at night. Being a city girl I had never seen a rabbit running wild! I am fortunate that I have not lost too many of my plants so they are still in the "Oh look how cute!" stage in my mind. My big Barkley dog on the other hand becomes uncontrollable. When he sees a rabbit, I couldn't hold on to him if my life depended on it, he takes off and chases them around and around the yard. Thankfully he is a little slow and chubby and has never caught one. It would break my heart if he did. I also like your rabbit pins! How fun, I think I like the painted eyes the best too. You do them so well and they have such a sweet expression. I hope that you have a wonderful day ahead. Delisa :)


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