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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pass The Salt and Pepper, Please

I'm participating in Vintage Thingies Thursday again, hosted by Colorado Lady. Go visit and see others who are posting their vintage thingies.

As you know by now, I love to collect things. Too many things! But most of my collections don't cost me much money, I get them at thrift stores and yard sales.

For Vintage Thingies Thursday I'm sharing with you my vintage salt and pepper shakers.
Most of these I only paid 25 cents to one dollar for them.

Here are a couple of bride and groom

Turn them around and you have them quite a few years later!

Here are some wooden apple shakers and Snap! (of Snap, Crackle and Pop fame) and an iron.

Here are a pair of turquoise plastic ones and 2 tiny sets of glass ones.

We have a little cook on the left and
I love these bee hive ones with the bee on top.
I have a small creamer that match them.

I think these 2 cats are so funny! One says I'm Pep and the other says I'm Salt!
There's a pretty bird shaker hiding from them in the back.

Here are some more birds and cats.

Here's another cat and two glass owl shakers.

Here are two corn on the cobs and an aluminum
(at least I think they are aluminum)
apple and pear shaker.

Here's a donkey carrying his load of salt and pepper
and some haystacks with matching vinegar and oil.

Here is a little girl leaning over to kiss her partner (but I don't have her partner)
and three pears and a cute little pair of lamps shaker.

Here are the old aluminum ones and two vintage Fiesta shakers of different colors.

And here is one of my favorites.
These are Corn King made by Shawnee.
I love Corn King. I only paid two dollars for these.

I added these to my collection today. I took some things down to the thrift store and just had to look around for a few minutes. I'm glad I did. I wasn't sure what they were when I bought them, but when I got home I checked in my Fiesta book and they are Riviera. Aren't they pretty? I only paid 50 cents for them.

So as you can see, I have lots of salt and pepper shakers! I keep buying them, because they are little and I say to myself they don't take up too much room. Most of them are made in Japan.

Some of them don't have mates, but that doesn't keep me from buying them. I have bought singles before and later find it's mate at another yard sale.

Which one is your favorite?


  1. you have some cute items, I love the turquoise ones :-)

  2. What a wonderful collection!
    I'd be proud to own any of those.
    What fun, the bride and groom ones are...they age well!

  3. Honestly, these are all really cute! I love the bride and groom, I have never seen anything like these ever...very cute!

    Thanks for showing us your wonderful collection of S&P.

  4. I can't believe you got that Fiestaware set for $.5o! And you better lock up the beehive shakers if I come around. =)Fun collection.

  5. I love your collection..and my favorites are the Fiesta and the corns. Happy VTT..have a great day.

  6. What a fun the way they're all displayed :)

  7. My Mom collected salt and peppers years ago and she had a set simulair to the bride and groom. You really have such a great collection.

  8. I think my favorite is also the bride and groom. Never seen anything like that before. Your collection is spectacular and I agree with you ... when things are small it's easy to amass quite a collection. :) xxoo

  9. I like the bride and groom.
    And the Corn King. Mainly because I have a covered bowl to match.

  10. Wow, Jan! What else do you collect? I like the bride and groom ones. . . they are so unique.

  11. Janet, what a sweet collection you have. The bride and groom are gorgeous. What a conversation piece on the dinner table they would have been.

  12. I love coming here on vintage day. You have so many wonderful treasures. The salt and pepper collection is very nice. My Mom also has a huge collection and I see a couple in yours I think that are like hers. Great find in your newest additions - well worth 50 cents!

  13. The bride and groom salt and pepper shaker set is have a wonderful collection!

  14. My fav is the Pep and Salt cats! Nice group of thingies!

  15. The S&P's are just so cute... I have some of the Corn King ones. I really like the bride and groom--I've never seen any of those before.

  16. You have a nice collection, I collected S & P shakers when I was young,but you know how I get rid of everything.

  17. What a lovely collection!! The Bride and Groom set is my favorite. Take care~

  18. My faves are the aluminum apple and pear, the lamps one and "Aunt Jemima" (which was in a picture but not mentioned.

    But, all were great.

  19. I think I like the glass owls the best! I love your collection, and the little iron is really fun too.

  20. wow you got a big collection of S&P.. all are really cute! some I never seen before.. have a great weekend!

  21. Love your collection! It's wonderful! How neat that most were very inexpensive. Collecting can be such fun, especially when you get such bargains!

  22. I think I like the Bride & Groom best!

  23. How neat!! When my great grandmother passed, I got her salt and pepper shaker collection. I wish I had room to display them. I have about 10 boxes stored at my mother's house. She had some really neat ones too! TFS!

  24. Love your collection-Granny collects salt and pepper shakers too. My favorite are the aluminum ones. Growing up Granny used those-and last summer I found a set at a yard sale-so thats what I use now! I just love them.

  25. You have a nice collection and my favorite are birdies :) I agree, they are small and don't take up much space, so you can collect a LOT more:)

  26. What a wonderful collection! I love the beehives and the bride and groom is so sweet!

  27. I have to say that I also love the bride and groom. They are quite unique. I also love the corn shakers. Great collection.

  28. You've got quite the collection! Very cute salt & pepper shakers.



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