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Thursday, November 6, 2008

I'm Crafting!

Well that time of year is here when I get in the mood to craft.

The following Christmas crafts were made from yard sale and/or thrift store finds.

I bought a Badge a Minit at a thrift store last year. It came in a box with lots of supplies and I think I only paid a dollar for it. I love it!

I'm making Christmas badges. The snowflake, trees and angel were made from Christmas material I got at yard sales. The gingerbread face is a graphic I resized from Craftymugs site. I think I am going to make some from Christmas wrapping paper, too.

This next craft is an icicle ornament. I got a box of plastic icicles at a yard sale. I've bought the glass ones before, also. They work good for this craft, too.

Supplies needed: icicles, 22 guage wire, ribbon, decoupage, glitter, and blue beads.

Step One: Put decoupage onto the icicle.

Step Two: Sprinkle glitter onto decoupage.

Step Three: Cut off a length of wire, insert one end into hole at top of icicle, bend into any shape you want for the hanger.

Step Four: Make a bow out of your ribbon. It would be better to use a smaller width ribbon than what I used. I used the wide ribbon because that is what I had on hand. I folded it in half to make it smaller.

Finished ornament. I also glued a blue bead on the end of the hanger.

Next are high heel ornaments. I thought these would look good on a Victorian themed Christmas tree. I found a box of these glass high heels at a thrift store. As soon as I saw them, I said to myself "These would make great ornaments!"

Here is what you will need: the glass high heels, pearl beading, small bunches of flowers. The beads and flowers can usually be found at Wal Mart or a craft store. I'm sorry, but I have no idea where you can find the high heels.

Here is a close up of the glass high heel. They were in a box of 12. I only paid 50 cents for the entire box.

I used a glue gun to attach a single flower at the bottom of the shoe. I cut a length of the pearl beading and hot glued both ends underneath the shoe where the heel is for the hanger.

I hope you enjoyed these crafts. Try making some for your tree. They are very easy to make.


  1. All are neat-but I love the badge maker-wish I had a kit like that.

  2. Neat, Janet! I have a badge-a-minit too. I haven't used it for a few years, but it's a handy thing to have. I might have to get it out again.

    Tipper, you might be able to get one on eBay pretty cheap. Supplies don't cost much.

  3. Very pretty and looks very simple to do also! Thanks! I love the shoe ornaments.

  4. Really neat, Janet. Like I said befoe, you are always lucky to run across great stuff at thrift stores and yard sales.

  5. Such cute little crafts you make!
    I have never seen the glass high heels before. My Mother-in-law would love those.
    I'll have to keep an eye out for them.

  6. Hi! I love your crafts. Good job on the tutorials.
    Please stop by my blog and pick up an award. It will be posted for a few days, then removed.

  7. I need to get some crafting done myself. Like all you have done.


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