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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Quilting a Maple Leaf

I was sorting through my fall pot holders a few days ago and got an inspiration for a small autumn throw to put on the back of my chair.

Here is a picture of the potholder:

It looked like a simple enough pattern to make and I needed a small autumn throw. There are many sites on the internet that tell you how to make the maple leaf quilt block. I made this without consulting them, that was my first mistake.

I cut my blocks all the same size (that was my second mistake) and then cut some diagonally for the two toned pieces.

Please don't make the same mistakes! If you are going to make this throw go to this site (or the many other sites for maple leaf quilt blocks) for measurements and I would probably double the measurements they give on this site for a large one like the one I made. I also put a 4" border around mine. My entire project is approximately 31" square. You can make yours any size you want, just be sure to make the solid squares smaller than the ones which will be cut in half diagonally.

Here is my material. I got it at WalMart. I thought the gold would be pretty for the leaf and the dark green for the border, it matched the green in the leaves. You can use muslin or any material you want for the backing.

Here is one strip of blocks sewed together. I made a stem out of the green material and sewed it on top of the block.

And here it is all sewed together, layered on the backing and batting, and pinned for quilting.

The finished product hanging over the back of my rocking chair. Not perfect, but pretty. I'm thinking the throw would be nice on an end table or table top, too.

This would be a breeze for those of you who quilt. I finished it in one day (even with the mistakes I had to fix along the way). I put it in a large embroidery hoop and I hand quilted it. I am not a good hand quilter, but I made it and it is quilted with love, uneven stitches and all. I like small and quick projects, and this fit the bill.

I plan to make another one for my other chair and a double one to put on the back of my couch. Maybe if I follow instructions this time, it will be easier and turn out better.

Hope you liked my feeble attempt at quilting. This is to show you that even a novice can sew a simple and easy quilt for your fall decorating. I'm not good at instructions, but I thought this would give you an idea or inspiration for an easy project you could make.

Anyone going to give it a try?


  1. I'm going to pass this information along to my mother-in-law, she loves to quilt (although all she does is cheater quilts). She hand stiches everything. I've been trying to get her to do some piece quilts and she said if I could find her pictures and stuff she'd give it a try when she comes for a visit in November. This looks perfect for her, although I am sure it is more difficult than it looks, especially based on your experiences with it. Anyway, thanks for the inspiration, before now i was leaning on trying to get her to make a King David's Crown quilt. This looks like a far better choice!

  2. I think you did a great job! And if you're not a quilter who quilts often, you're still a quilter. :) I see the end product there whhich proves it! blessings, marlene

  3. Love the quilt! Maybe we could work out a trade, I'll crochet you a poncho if you'll quilt me a throw!

  4. Hi Janet, It's very nice to meet you. I think your maple leaf throw is very nice. I guess maybe it gave you some problems putting it together. You must have lots of patience.
    I visited West Virginia two years ago. We were on our way to a military conference in Williamsburg Va. I stayed for a week. It was beautiful. I want to go back. I also visited Walton's Mountain and went to Ike Godsey's store and bought a Coke.
    IHope to return someday and tour every back road there is and go antique hunting.
    Maybe I'll meet up with you and you can show me the way. I love the accent everyone speaks with. It is thick and I could hardly understand folks sometimes.

  5. Well I think you did a fine job!! It looks great on the chair-and I'm sure it adds a dose of fall to your home.

  6. Janet, your quilted throw is wonderful! I pulled this post up because,I'm sure you know, I am also a quilt fanatic! :-) You did a great job, and I love your fabrics! I have to say that whenever I start a project I need lots of information and help, so I use patterns that have really easy to follow directions or squares that I have taken a class or tutorial on at my Quilt Bee. Otherwise I make a mess of things...there's a lot of math involved in "winging it" and I am not strong in math! :-) But, for not having had a class on this block, you did an incredible job--much better I am sure, than I would have done!


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