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Monday, April 17, 2017

The Colors of Spring have Arrived in the Hills of WV

We had a mild winter and after a few frosts, that the early buds had to dodge, Spring is here.

The dandelions and violets have arrived and are decorating my yard with their yellow and purple hues. As we drive the country roads, the redbuds and dogwoods brighten the landscape and the Sweet Williams decorate the woodland floors.

This old fella is hiding among the vinca. I believe this is vinca major. It doesn't die out in the winter and in early spring their beautiful purple flowers arrive. But, watch out! They can take over. I just pulled out a ton of these, you couldn't even see the hostas growing among them. But don't worry they keep growing back.

I have four bleeding hearts. This one got stunted a little from the cold weather, but this beautiful, delicate flower is now taking off. 

I have two lilac bushes - a purple and a white one. I love the scent that flows with the breeze and tickles my nose when I stroll through our yard.

I love watching these little creatures grow. They are so amazing!

Here is a field of ferns growing down by our building.

Hostas, hostas, everywhere!

It won't be long until my poppies, peonies, snowball bush and irises burst into color.

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What is bringing color to your yard?