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Monday, June 12, 2017

Feeding the Squirrels

A while back I posted here about a squirrel feeder my son made and we put up to feed the squirrels.

It seems the birds enjoyed it more than the squirrels.

The squirrels are confused no more!


                             Climbing back down after eating his breakfast.

They have also been eating the seeds on the ground that fall from our bird feeder. Now I think the cardinal is looking a little confused. He looks as if He is thinking, You are a squirrel. You are not supposed to be eating my seeds.

Do you have a caption you want to share about the picture of the seed-stealing squirrel and the confused cardinal?

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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Building a Home for our Critters

We have a few critters that live near us.

our heron
our deer, crows and wood ducks
and a squirrel
They all enjoy our little acre of land that we keep mowed and kept up. And they enjoy the creek.

We decided to go the extra mile for our wood ducks and build them a home.
We cut up a 12 foot long, 12 inches wide, rough-cut oak board
This shows the inside where we attached the wire to the front so the baby ducks can climb up it when they leave the nest

Finished house. The entry hole is 4" x 3"
Attaching it to the old pole that we concreted four feet in the ground.

Ready and waiting for next year when they take a notion to lay their eggs and start a family. We're looking forward to watching them jump from their home.