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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Writing Wednesday - Floating Body Parts

Let’s have some fun today.

Have you ever read a story where body parts take on a life of their own?
Worse, have you ever written a story where body parts take on a life of their own?
I hate to admit it, but I have done it a few times.

A Floating Body Part is where the action is given to the body part rather than the person, in a way that disembodies the body part. 

So, watch out for flying feet and fingers, searching  and dropping eyes and continue reading with caution.

Her eyes followed him as he walked down the road.  Can’t you just see those eyes walking down the road?

Her eyes searched his face, looking for something that wasn’t there. I chuckle as I imagine eyes walking all over this man’s face searching for something.

My eyes dropped before the stare of Lewis, for fear my cheeks would turn red. He he, I hope I can find them later.

Her feet flew off the porch and ran down the road. She was so happy to see Lewis again. Wow, look at those feet go, I hope she can catch up with them!

His muddy feet plodded through the wet, foggy marsh.  That sounds a little scary! Maybe it’s a horror story.

Her fingers flew across the keyboard. I guess her fingers had wings.

Be aware you will find flying body parts in the books you read. Some people don't mind reading them. They know her fingers are attached to her body and aren't actually flying across the keyboard. Famous writers can get by with them. But if you are just getting started, and no one’s heard of you except your neighbors and your family, then I might not take the chance. I've heard editors don't care too much for them.

How about you?
If you want, give us a grin and give us some floating body parts in your comment and we promise to duck!

Happy Writing!


  1. My people have 'lost' their hearts many times. They have had screaming feet and backbones that turned to gelatin. I have never thought about these as 'body parts'...thanks for the reminder! Love your advice.

  2. Can you see the road sign icon for Beware Flying Body Parts?

  3. Great advice. I've rested eyes in all sorts of strange places. I've also rooted a few feet... :)

  4. Loved the post today Janet, it was very funny! What a good reminder. It is easy for me to over-do the body parts too, if I'm not careful. Have a wonderful afternoon! Delisa :)

  5. Hm, my "jaw dropped" when I read this post title! Now I'll have to pick it up from the floor ;)

  6. Funny post, Janet. Oh, and I love the photo of you at your book signing. Congratulations!

  7. Great post and so much fun! How about "She tossed her head" or even better, "She threw up her head." That one is a real scream.

    Congratulations on your book signing, Janet!

  8. Thanks for the comments everyone. "She tossed her head," is a good one! Maybe the muddy feet are plodding through the foggy marsh looking for it.

  9. Janet -- Good post. Never thought much about body parts before . Your examples make sense -- in fact when you think about it they are humorous. Will try to avoid writing words like, my hand caught the ball. -- barbara


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