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Friday, September 30, 2011

Displaying Vintage Aprons

I don't know why, but I am attached to vintage aprons. I love them and the work our mothers, Aunts and Grandmothers put into making them. I have posted about my vintage aprons before. Click here and have a look.

My aprons are ones that I have picked up at yard sales and thrift stores. I do not have any of my grandmother's aprons, I wish I did. In every memory I have of her she is wearing an apron.

Aprons were used to . . .

pick up hot dishes
dry the inside of a freshly washed mug
wipe up spills
wipe away tears
wipe dirt from your children's faces
dry your hands
carry in eggs from the hen house
carry in fruits or vegetables from outside
dust furniture
stand on the porch and wave it to let the men and children know supper was ready
and of course -
a place for shy children to hide behind.

I found this hiding behind my Hoosier cabinet. I never used it, so I guess I had taken it out and placed it behind the cabinet and forgot about it. When I found it, I thought it could be used to display some of my aprons.

I decided to get some of my clothespins and attach my aprons on the rungs. I wrapped a long torn piece of material around the hanger. Wrapping jute rope around it would also look good.

But my favorite way to display them is here on my back door. It is a metal door, so I attached strong magnets onto the clothespins and stuck them on the door.
I have more aprons, so I can occasionally switch them. I love the colors and all the detail they put into them.



  1. Oh they're all so wonderful! Makes you wonder about the ladies that wore them way back when. Sounds like a good idea for a little book!

  2. I love aprons too! I only have a few vintage aprons and a few my mama made that have never been used. Now I'm making aprons; however, I don't wear them ;). I think I'll try making one from the tutorial you had a few days ago.

  3. Oh I love those aporns. What a story they could tell about the women that wore them. I hope this goes through, so many blogger problems. The only ones that I've been able to post are the ones like ours that you just click publish comment. I can't sign in on the others..

  4. What lovely ways to display your aprons.

  5. I love how you are displaying them in your house! Very cleaver with the ones on the door!

    Last month I had my husband to hang a small coat rack in a corner of my dining room where I keep gloves and hats in a basket for the winter. I'm hanging the scarves from it and it looks really cute.

  6. What pretty aprons, really they're like a piece of unique art. I love how you display them, too, adding their color and story to your decorating :)

  7. Hi Janet, loved the post today, I have been collecting aprons for years too. I wear them everyday and enjoy looking at them or taking them out and ironing them occasionally. They are not as easy to find up in my neck of the woods as they used to be. The vintage ones are being snapped up faster than they can be put out, I was told by the staff at our antique mall.

    Putting on a pretty apron always makes me feel better. Even on my difficult days when it hard to even get up from my chair, I will still wear one! They make me feel active and energetic.

    I also have a small collection of vintage sun bonnets. They are actually so much more comfortable to wear out in the garden than my big straw hat and they protect my neck from getting burned. I see them in the antique stores every once in awhile. I think farm women here in the south probably wore them long past the time they were fashionable in other areas because of the intense heat.

    Have a happy saturday! Delisa :)

  8. I can't remember ever seeing my mom or grandmother without their aprons unless they were in their church clothes. Thanks for this good reminder.

  9. I love your aprons and what a unique way to display them. I don't ever remember my German grandmother without her apron.

  10. I love the way you have them on your back door! I will be copying this idea. I have a metal door going to our basement that will be perfect & it has no windows so lots of room for my aprons.

    Right now my aprons are in stored in my laundry room where all our jackets & coats are hung. They get lost under everything in the winter.

    Thanks for sharing this idea!

  11. Your post reminded me of my Aunt Annie who was always wearing a cotton apron over her dress and was always at work in her kitchen or garden. She wore the kind of aprons that you put your arms through. I wish I had one of those aprons, but alas do not. Loved the way you displayed your collection!

  12. Such pretty colors. Even though it was used for work-it gave them a touch of beauty in their day.

  13. Hey there.....
    I had a great time too. Hope we all can get together again....soon. Maybe this time we can make it really simple....each of us break off a tree branch and cook wieners over the campfire,
    and marshmellows of course..just like we did when we were young on your birthdays. We'll light up all the torches and sit around and tell ghost stories. Have the cameras ready incase any the spirits decide to show up...that'd be something, wouldn't it?

  14. Hey there...again

    Strangest thing....I left a comment about the camp....ended up here. I guess I'll blame it on the ghost we have living here.
    It is the new moon!


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