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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Refinishing Vintage Kitchen Scales

I brought these old kitchen scales to my house from Daddy's trailer. I remember them being in the family for years and years. They were in really bad shape. It looks bad in this picture, but it was in worse shape than the picture shows. The bottom was completely covered with rust, and you couldn't see any of the paint. I think anyone else would have just thrown them away.

I talked my son into taking it apart and refinishing it.

Underneath the face of the scales, a secret was revealed. It was made in 1949. My parents were married in 1947.

Andrew put on a mask and sanded it down to bare metal. He is a perfectionist, I would have just got out some sand paper and sanded it a little and painted over it. Believe me, It wouldn't have looked very good.
We couldn't do anything to the face of it. So it will remain as is to let everyone know what a hard life if has lived.

It took a few days to let the primer and paint dry. It was hard to put back together. Pieces just didn't want to go where they were supposed to go. But our project is now finished. 

I just love it. The red really makes it pop! And, it works perfect.


  1. Your son did a great job on the awesome scale. It's now a family keepsake.

  2. Oh what a beautiful, cherished keepsake. You and your son did a graet job on this..

  3. Looks so good sitting there with your other antiques and the pears. Your son must be very talented!

  4. What a treasured keepsake. Your son did a wonderful job!

  5. Your son did a great job on the scales. I have saved several things of my grandparents and to fix up some things. It is great to have something that has been passed down in your family. It becomes a connection to the people who lived before you.

    Dan the Mountain Man
    Mountain Highs and Valley Lows

  6. I'm so glad you didn't throw the scale out, but saw the charm beneath the age and rust. What a perfect piece of history to have in your kitchen, it looks beautiful, with lots of stories to tell.

  7. Janet -- A great result from your son's perfection. I have an old scale all beat up but I leave it that way. Something about the scarred patina resonates with me -- maybe its the scarring that reflects its use from the past.

  8. What a beautiful keepsake! Your son's done a wonderful job. I love the red too.

  9. Oh what a great find! And to be able to refinish it and have it in your kitchen is the icing on the cake. Your son did a fantastic job! My husband brought an old lantern to me from an auction; I had planned to hang it in a flower bed, but it looks rather at home next to the old Singer. He also brought home cow bells! Noise makers!!

  10. Thanks everyone for all your nice comments, I'll tell Andrew you liked it. I would have kept it the way it was, but I wanted to use it and it was in really really bad shape. It was completely rusted on the bottom. "The Pickers" probably would have liked it, it seems like the rustier something is the better they like it.

  11. Hi Janet! Wow, your son did an awesome job! As you said, some people like to keep antiques in their original state, but I think the scale is extra special now. You will always think of your dear son and the time he took to make it special for you. What a treasure! Have a lovely afternoon! Delisa :)

  12. Love it! Your son did a wonderful job on the scales; and it still looks old! But now you can use it.

  13. Oh baby, what a wonderful treasure to find. I've been emptyin' out my MIL's big old farmhouse and it's just loaded with antique memories. Were tryin' to see all things go to family members. It's quite a huge undertakin'.

    We moved my little but spunky MIL into assisted livin' a couple weeks ago.

    God bless and have a most beautiful day sweetie!!!


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