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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Writing Wednesday - Delivery Day

Yesterday was delivery day.
Two-Lane Livin' is the largest independent publication in West Virginia. There are 16,000 copies distributed in 20 counties each month.
I pick up and deliver 200 of those copies each month.

On the way home on Monday, we left some at the Ravenswood Library. I just love these huge rocks outside the library. I guess they are old grinding stones. I can't even imagine how much they weigh.

We also dropped off some at Your Family Restaurant in Kenna. It is a little country restaurant and so many people go there to eat. It is the only restaurant in the area. I see lots of people who say they pick up their copy from here.
Then off to McDonald's in Fairplain. It is right down the road from where we live and gets lots of business from local people and I-77.

In Ripley we left them at the Ripley Library. They also have a nice little seating area outside with another big stone.


We delivered copies to City National Bank and then we walked down this little alley. I love this little alley. I can just imagine the horse driven delivery trucks traveling through here in the old days. I'm looking at the court house here.

Doors and windows have been bricked up.
After traveling through the alley we delivered copies to Crabby Patti's.
I still have a few more to deliver. I always keep copies to give to my neighbors and the women at church. They look forward to receiving them. One of my friends at church likes to try out the recipes. I look forward to seeing the front cover each month. I keep saying I am going to submit a picture for consideration, but I haven't yet. Anyone can submit a picture for consideration and she has a reader's page called, From The Passenger Seat, where readers can submit stories, essays (no more than 650 words long) and poems (no more than 50 lines) for consideration.

I haven't got my children's manuscripts published - yet. I received another rejection this week. It was from Boyds Mills Press (my second one this year from them). I guess they don't like my work, but at least they have the courtesy to let you know. So until something is accepted, I will be satisfied that my writing is being seen and read by thousands of people in Two-Lane Livin'. 

Happy Writing!


  1. I love those local newspapers, they have such character in them that shows the personality of the towns. We have a couple around here that are fun to read.

    Sorry about the rejection though :/
    Fingers crossed that you hear good publishing news soon!

  2. Nice trip through your neighborhood! It's too bad about the rejection; however, you have courage to keep submitting. Maybe soon you'll be hearing good news!

  3. I'm sorry to hear about the rejection but congrats on all the deliveries!!

  4. Janet,
    I'm so glad you are helping your community by delivering the papers. It sounds like a great publication.

    Good luck on your story. I know how difficult it is to wait to hear from editors. I also know the pain of rejections, but that's just part of writing.

  5. I am hungry looking at those restaurants! I love local newspapers. Congratulations for being able to have your work in it!

  6. What a lovely area you live in. The Court House is very pretty. I'm sorry about the rejection this time, but hopeful for the future. I found you via Brenda's blog - it's so nice to meet you.

  7. Hi Janet! I sure enjoyed the tour today and all of your pictures! It must be fun to deliver the newspapers and have a chance to visit a little bit with your neighbors. I am sorry to hear about your rejection notice. You are working so actively on your submissions and I know you will start hearing back from them soon. It really encourages me to work harder as well! I hope you have a restful and lovely evening ahead! Delisa :)

  8. I think I've heard of that paper, Janet, but I don't believe I've ever seen one. I'll have to look for a copy.

  9. Gorges, I forget exactly where you live in WV. But if you go to Two Lane Livin's site, look at her side bar and click on distribution locations and it will take you to a list of all the places you can find the magazine.

  10. And your writing is read on your blog -- and enjoyed -- barbara

  11. How fun to follow you around and deliver that stack of papers.

    So sorry :o( to learn about your rejection. It doesn't mean they didn't like it. I know from my time as a slush reader and an acquisitions consultant that a lot of really promising manuscripts have to be sent back. Keep the faith!

  12. Now that's a way to get the written word out and about! Heeehehehe!

    Your city is beautiful and I adore the name Crabby Patti's! Made me laugh out loud!

    I too have children's books unpublished but I haven't pursued it like I need to. I feel into elder~care and got lazy! :o)

    God bless ya and have a terrific Thursday!

  13. Don't give up on Boyds Mills Press. It's run by the people who own Highlights. I love that magazine. I've been the the Highlights conference several times at Lake Chautauqua, NY. Beautiful place and fun conference.
    Kent Brown was very approachable and made us feel welcome. One friend knew his mother. We got to meet several of the editors, nice people.
    Getting rejections only means you are getting closer. So keep at it.
    Look forward to someday seeing the magazine you're talking about.

  14. Thanks for the little travelog. I enjoyed 6the trip.
    Take heart on your publication efforts.
    I have a hunch in this economy books are a luxury item people csan easily cut.I know I'm using my library for the first time since college over 20 years ago. They must be harder to sell at any time i9on recent history.So don't lose heart and keep on tryi9ng.


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