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Friday, December 12, 2008

We Have a Winner!

This post has been deleted


  1. Congratulations Tipper! I am thrilled to know that someone I visit everyday has won something so nice. xxoo

  2. Congratulations Tipper, you lucky dog!

    Janet...Wow, that was a nice prize that you won. Those things are expensive!

  3. Copngratulations, Janet! What a geat prize. i can bet all the men in your life are drooling. Where did you win it?

    And congratulations, Tipper! As the giver of so many prizes, it's nice to see you get something in return.

  4. Well, does the birthday boy get your grand prize win or are they Mama's toys?

  5. AND THE WINNER IS!! NOT VERA,but thats O K, I don't even have a tree to put them on. Congratulations to Tipper.

  6. Thanks everyone. Granny Sue I won it at the McDonalds at Fairplain, stop by on your way back from work soon and enter your name in their drawings before they stop having them. Carol I might let the men in my house use them if they ask real nice (just kidding).


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