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Friday, December 19, 2008

SHOW AND TELL FRIDAY - Christmas Ornaments

For my Show and Tell Friday Post, I decided to post some of the ornaments I hung on my Christmas Tree. I have a small tree this year and have no room for many home made ornaments that are still packed away, but this will show you a sampling of them.

Here is my angel tree topper. I made this from an old cone that thread was on. She has snowflake wings, yarn hair with a side ribbon, pretty detailed face on a painted wood ball, bead necklace, lace bodice and buttons down the front. It fits nicely on top of the tree. I love her!

Here is a felt reindeer with cinnamon stick antlers, a bowling pin snowman, the cardinal and dove are made from felt and the angel is made with an icicle ornament with her wings shaped from red ribbon.

Here is a Santa with a mop beard and one of my cinnamon stick scrabble ornaments with David's name on it.

Here is a snowflake ornament made by my cousin Vera at Intouchwith, a Santa's list ornament made with a small wooden spool with list attached, a quilted birdhouse made from a vintage quilt piece with a cardinal on it (one of my favorites), in the low left hand corner is a gingerbread girl made from a lightbulb, and an open Christmas ball I put glitter on and inserted moss and a cardinal.

Here is an elf made from baby blocks, a snowman on the left made from a pine cone, a Santa made from a dowel rod, a pretty sheep made from wrapping yarn around a card stock cutout .

Below is an angel made from a craft stick, a hobby horse from a cinnamon stick, a gingham wrapped candy cane, and in the bottom an ornament made from one of my mom's old wooden spools (I love those because they were my mom's old spools and I made quite a few of them).

Here is one of my cookie cut out ornaments I made from an old quilt, my birdhouse I made from a napkin holder, a close up of my felt dove.

Here is a close up of the felt cardinals, a wooden birdhouse I stained and glued pearls and wedding bands on (this would be good to give newlyweds), and a stuffed heart I made from an old piece of material.

Hope you enjoyed some of the ornaments hanging on my little tree. The ones I showed are all hand made.

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  1. I love your tree and all of your ornaments!

    Merry Christmas!

    Linda C

  2. Very pretty tree. I like all your ornaments.

  3. Janet,
    Making ornaments is a gift because Shirley and I tried making those coasters that you featured on here a few weeks ago, and I must say ours look nothing like what you made. I'm even ashamed to take a photo of them. You gave perfect directions on how to make them, but I guess a person just has to be talented in that way. The fabric bunched up and was crooked, and then the glue stuff just got sticky and gommy. I think from now on I'll stick with woodworking!!!

    No wonder homemade ornaments are expensive when you get them at craft fairs, they truly are made by true artisans!


  4. Why, thank you Matthew. I'm sorry yours didn't turn out right. I got the gift from my mother, she was a fine seamstress and also liked to craft. Be proud of your woodworking, that is also a gift. My middle son is a woodworker, too.

  5. How talented you are! Everything looks so pretty and welcoming! Merry Christmas!

  6. A lot of ornaments. Are all the ornaments on your tree homemade? I know I don't like Santa, but that elf is the cutest thing. I also like the one you made with the thread spool.

  7. That ornament with the scrabble tiles is really cute. I hope I can remember that!

  8. Lovely, Janet! I like the old quilt ornaments best. They look so homey.

    I like to vary my tree from year to year--last year it was all vintage ornaments, the year before it was stars, sometimes it's all homemade--just whatever feels right when I get started. My son Aason said I should toss out the ornaments I don't use, but then what would do if i wanted a different tree next year? does your tree stay the same one year to the next, or do you changes yours too?

  9. WOW! Thank you for showing these! I think I might do the icicle angel and felt birds. Darling, just darling:)

  10. Each and every ornament is special. I love that. Thanks for sharing. Please come visit me.

  11. Janet,
    I love your tree ornaments. You gave me some ideas with your angel tree topper! I have a small fiber-optic tree (3 feet) & I'd like a 3-4 inch topper for it. They don't make or sell these. Right now, I'm using a small angel tree ornament which keeps falling. Do they make those thread cones that small? I'm thinking of opening up her skirt completely & inserting the cone. What do you think? Maybe I can do this for next year.
    Deb :-)

  12. Thanks everyone for your comments. Granny Sue, I usually just put a mixture of everything on my tree every year. I never have a theme, unless you would call Home Made a theme. I think the only ones not home made on this tree are the 3 baby ornaments my boys got for their 1st Christmas. Ceekay I've been making scrabble ornaments for a number of years now, they are very popular with everyone. I use a cinnamon stick to glue the scrabble tiles to and hang with a wire and attach a jingle bell to the bottom. the cone I used for the angel tree topper was a vintage one, but I think they can be bought at some craft stores, they fit down perfectly on top of the tree.

  13. I love handmade ornaments.
    And I love making them.
    Yours are beautiful.

  14. You have some very sweet ornaments, it's evident that you've lovingly made them. Thanks for stopping by my blog and Merry Christmas!

  15. I like your homemade tree ornaments, and you put mine on there too, Thanks

  16. Beautiful ornaments and I especially love the sweet little angel. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  17. Janet-your decorations are beautiful! But I already knew what amazing work you do-from the wonderful gift I won! I love love all the ornaments that you sent me. But my favorite is the snowman from the old quilt. I may just keep it out all year long! Thank you for you generous gift!! I went straight to my tree and hung all of them! Except of course the lovely pin!

  18. Very nice. Everything looks ready for Christmas. Thx for sharing and Merry Christmas.


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