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Sunday, December 7, 2008


this post has been deleted


  1. Hi,
    Are those pictures of a recent snow?
    It is supposed to snow here (70 mi south of Tulsa) on Tuesday. I love the snow, but glad that our Oklahoma snows are USUALLY quite manageable.
    Stay warm!

  2. Oh Goodie. Now is my chance to win one of your great handicrafts. You make so many neat things and make it look so easy too. We're planning on making some of those tiles that you featured a coouple of weeks ago, and if they turn out we're gonna give them out for Christmas presents.

    How much snow did you all get up there in Jackson County? Here in Charleston we only got about an inch, but I am convinced people here can't drive a lick so there were around 100 accidents. I was out in the early afternoon yesterday and people were sliding everywhichaway on the road, and it wasn't even bad yet! You know, sometimes people need to realize that they can't go 65 mph, but it was evident yesterday that some people didn't get that memo.
    I don't know what some people would do if it actually got bad.

    So, I think I'll take your advice, keep indoors by the warm stove, and wait for the chickens to come in to roost.


  3. Sure, go ahead and let them comment. I'll be interesting to see what they say!

  4. Matthew, you sound like my husband. He says the same thing. If people just drove like they had some sense,there wouldn't be all those accidents on the bad roads. We didn't have much snow in inches, but just enough for the roads to get bad (especially up these little country roads). We've had a lot of little snows this year.

  5. Hi Janet,
    Thanks for stopping over at my little blog. I am now following you and will be checking out more of your blog soon. Thanks for the warm welcome and thanks for hostessing this giveaway. xxoo

  6. Merry christmas to you and yours.
    We don't get snow where i live am in really enjoyed seeing your snow.
    Have some hot coco for me.
    hugs ginger

  7. I was one of the fools that had to drive in the snow this weekend, all the way across West Virginia and into the Virginia foothills. But it was a good trip and absolutely lovely. And I came home with 13 lovely fruitcakes to be soaked in brandy, and lots of pictures and memories of the time with my seven sisters. I am very glad to be home again though.

  8. Sometimes I don't know if I am coming or going either, but I am going to comment anyway.I Always like your posts. Thanks for doing the giveaway

  9. I'm in I'm in-I love all your crafts and would be thrilled to win one!!

  10. I know I might have to eat my words later but I wish we had some snow! blessings, marlene


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