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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Most Unique and Surprising Gift

Hi everyone, hope all of you had a very Merry Christmas.

We didn't have a white Christmas, we had a wet one. But, we had a very nice visit at my sister's house with all the family, including my son's girlfriend. They are getting married next month.

I got some very nice gifts and I want to thank my family for them.

My oldest son, Charley, got me a very unique present for Christmas. He said I would never guess in a million years what it was.

Well, he was right. I would never have guessed in a million years.

When I was young I was crazy about Herman's Hermits, especially their lead singer, Peter Noone.

Anyone who knew me then, knows this.

I was a member of their fan club.

I had all their records and albums.

I had a scrap book filled with magazine and newspaper clippings. I even entered a contest to see how many words you could make from the letters in Herman's Hermits. I thought for sure I would win, but alas, I never.

I went to a concert at the Charleston Civic Center all by myself. I can't remember how old I was, but I'd say I was probably around 12 at the time. My parents dropped me off at the Civic Center. I sat in the 5th row, front and center, in an aisle seat. The policemen stood beside of where I sat and he held back the crowd that formed in the middle aisle. A very nice girl beside of me let me look through her binoculars. Being in the 5th row, I got a really good close up of him, and I swear he looked straight at me and grinned and winked. I was shy and quiet and I didn't rush the stage, I just sat there and excitedly listened to my favorite singer in the whole wide world.

I still have my records and albums........

my fan club membership card, and his brownie recipe I cut out of a fan club magazine.

But, I never had his autograph..........that is until now. And who cares that is says to Charley (my son didn't know it was going to be personalized or he would have requested to have it say to Janet).

Well this is my unique, surprise gift I received for Christmas.

Did anyone else receive a gift that they would have never guessed in a million years what it was?


  1. What a wonderful surprise for you, Janet! Your son is very thoughtful!

    I guess it was a 'retro' kind of Christmas here, too. My daughters bought an orginal PJ doll for me(mine was broken by some cousins when I was a kid),along with an authentic Barbie doll case from the 1960s!

  2. Wow! That was a wonderful surprise! I am from that era too and loved Peter Noonan. You're one lucky girl!

    I received a monetary gift of bills from the 1930's from our Dad who passed away two months before Christmas. It was bittersweet, but such a surprise. xxoo

  3. I'm not sure anyone has ever put that much thought into a gift for me! My goodness you raised that young man right. :) blessings, marlene

  4. Janet, that was a very thoughtful gift. You do have some fine boys.

  5. Morning friend...what an awesome gift..and what a wonderful son to think of such a special treat for his mom! Ohhh did it make you squeal like a sissy girl! lol lol I would have! lol So glad you had a great Christmas & I hope the coming New Year brings you even bigger and better surprises! Thanks for coming by!

  6. How very thoughtful of your son! A present you'll never forget for sure! Makes me smile just to think of it.


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