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Monday, December 8, 2008


Finally putting up some decorations.

Here are a few of my favorite things.........

Christmas Fenton

What is Christmas without a vintage Santa cookie jar to put all those favorite cookies in.

Snowmen made from mop covered styrofoam balls and decorated up for the cold winter weather.

More snowmen. The large one is made from an old vinyl record album and 45 painted, glued together and decorated. The small one is made from a CD you don't need any more.

A favorite wreath I decorated with vintage Christmas ornaments.

Do you have your decorations up yet?

Maybe these photos will give you some ideas of what you can make.

Don't forget to comment. Your name will be put in my drawing for hand made ornaments and a holiday pin.


  1. Good morning, Sis. You sure are at it early this morning. I love the Fenton and the snow men are cute winter decorations. You know how I feel about Santa Claus.

    I've got a few decorations up. I'll be posting soon.

  2. Hi Janet, I like your decorations, I especially like snowmen.

  3. Oh my, that Fenton is to die for. So beautiful and such a pretty blue! Love that wreath and my sister S would adore your snowmen. xxoo

  4. The Fenton glass is beautiful. I am also a fan of snowmen. The Captain would love your Santa cookie jar. I also have a wreath I made, but on mine are vintage items and homemade ornaments from mine and The Captain's childhood.

  5. I really like that wreath. I never thought about putting ornaments on a wreath before.

    We've had our Christmas tree up and the ornaments out since Nov 15. Shirley is a complete Christmas junkie! Hopefully she will tak it down before Easter this year!!! (Yes, it has happened).

  6. Beautiful decorations-I love the ones made from mops. We have all our decorations up-I like to start early!

  7. I LOVE your snowmen! What a different way of making them; mop yarn!


  8. Love your favorite things! I have a "fairy light" too that my husband gave me one year for Christmas that has a painted scene of a cabin. Love the idea of the vintage ornaments on the Christmas wreath!



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