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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Writing Wednesday - Painless Writing


This is a repeat (with a few changes) of a blog post I did in January of 2010

What is painless writing? What is painful writing?

Painless writing is when the words flow from your mind onto the paper and keyboard.

Painful writing
is when you pour your heart and soul into your work, only to get it rejected. Or worse yet, after months of waiting, not even receiving the courtesy of a reply.

Painless writing is the wonderful, encouraging and understanding writing friends you meet.

Painful writing is when family and friends just don't understand. They don't understand the work and time involved, they don't understand that writing for children isn't easy, they don't understand what an accomplishment it is to get published (no matter how small the publication) or they don't understand how hard it is to get your manuscript picked out of a huge slush pile of stories. They think if you send in a manuscript, it will automatically be picked for publication and it will be on the shelves in a few months.
Painless writing is writing for free, because you love to write.

Painful writing is writing for free, while spending your money for books on the craft, for conferences, for contests, for reams of paper and for writing classes... and spending your time which is also valuable ---- I have heard some people say that they will not write, edit, critique etc. for free, because their time is valuable and it would also put forth the idea that their work or service must not be very good if it is provided for free.  It is kind of like having a yard sale and people steer clear of the free box. They figure if the item is free then it isn't any good. What is your take on this idea that some people have?

What is the purpose of this article? It is to say that writers need to be tough and persevere the times of painful writing until their goals are met. I sometimes find this hard to do.

And also to show you a book I purchased at the WVUP Bookstore when we went there to buy my son's college books for next semester. It was only 9.99, so I bought it. They also had books titled Painless Grammar and Painless Vocabulary.

It is filled with writing challenges called Brain Ticklers, examples, tips and web site addresses for further information on topics in the book.

Of course, the most important thing of all is writing the story everyone is wanting to read, the story that hasn't been written yet and the story all the publishers are looking for. So, write down your list of goals and write, write, write!

What is your definition of painful or painless writing? Do you sometimes find it hard to persevere  through the hard times?


  1. Loved your blog. I guess if it were 'painless' we would have a lot more books!

  2. Hi Janet,
    I feel your pain.
    Good luck to your son at college.

  3. This is a great posting, Janet. I know painful writing. It hurts to get rejections when you pour out your heart on the paper and work so hard. This book looks great.

  4. I guess I do painless writing, although, even self-publishing can get painful because of costs, etc. Also, family sometimes seem to ignore the work.

  5. I love the advice and know what you are talking about. I have to remind myself of the three p's all the time. Persistance, Patience and politeness.. It gets hard sometimes but we just have to lay with it, as the old saying goes..Susie

  6. Great post, Janet. Oh, if extended family could just understand the amount of time it takes to write and not act like it's something you do in your spare 30 minutes here and there!

  7. I like your post. Yes, we have painful and painless writing. Painless writing is when I have an idea that is burning to be written about and the words pour out of my fingers on the keyboard. It doesn't matter when I write whether it will be published or not. I just have to get it written.
    Painful writing is definitely when those you love have no clue that the passion you feel for your art is important and it is important for family to understand it.
    Just found your blog on Blind Pig and I'll be back.

  8. Hi Janet! Thanks for including my link in your "Writing Sites to Visit." I hope it ends up being helpful to your visitors.

    I've enjoyed looking around your blog. You've got lots of fun, helpful information.

    Congrats on your writing successes and best wishes for many more, Evelyn Christensen

  9. Oh I love those painless writing days-if only they could come everytime!


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