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Monday, August 29, 2011

Medicinal Plants - Plantain Salve update

Remember my post of two weeks ago about medicinal plants. I told about the medicinal qualities of plantain and started my batch of salve.

On Saturday, I emptied and strained my jar of torn leaves and oil. After letting the mixture strain for a while, I pushed it with a spoon and then took it in my hands and squeezed out the remaining liquid. I cut open 4 vitamin E capsules and emptied them into the mixture and poured it into small containers (with lids) and put them in the fridge.

After sitting in the fridge for a while, it solidified.

Looks pretty, doesn't it? 

It does have a funky smell, I think in my next batch I will put something in it to make it smell better.

On my first post about this, my cousin Carmen commented and told what it did for her. If you never saw her comment, you should go back and read the comment she left. It really did miraculous things for her brown recluse spider bite.

I had a doctor's visit last week. I showed him the results of using the salve. He was very impressed and said he was all for natural remedies. His assistant remembered what it looked like before and when she saw it completely gone, her eyes and mouth opened wide. She was amazed.

Other news around here - I have made 4 batches of grape jelly and around 12 quarts of grape juice. It is sooo good! I used my juicer extractor (I posted here about it last year, when I used it with berries) to get the juice from the grapes. It's the berries! I love it. There is no sediment left at all in the juice, which is great when you are using it as grape juice. I did use about 1/2 cup of sugar to each quart of juice. Delicious and good for you!

We are still picking peppers! The pepper bushes are so big, they look like small trees.

These are the world's hottest peppers. Ghost Peppers!
My son has saved seeds from them to replant next year.

We are enjoying fresh eggs! These came from my cousin, Carmen, as well. Aren't they pretty? I had an omelet this morning with peppers in it and fresh sliced tomatoes and a big spoon of my fresh grape jelly on the side.

And last, but not least  - you never know what you will see while riding around in the country in Jackson County visiting yard sales.

Oh, I almost forgot. Don't forget about my give a way! There is still time to enter. If you don't scrapbook, you could give the free code to a friend or family member who does. Plus, there are other things you can do with it. - like making calendars, printing gift tags etc. I am looking forward to making a personalized calendar with it for next year.


  1. This is sweet. I love to do things the old fashion way. but I need to go back and read because i was on vac when you posted before. I always enjoy your posts.

  2. I just LOVE your blog, and have been away from blogging FAR too long! I think on the rare occasion I was able to look at my Faves, I tried to always look at your recent posts. But, being online again has been a LONG time coming! You and I have so much in common, with your love for writing, and your gardening skills (this is a GREAT post! I can't wait to make my own! Have you ever tried comfrey salve?) Anyway, I hope you will stop by my blog and look at what's been going on with us these last three months....a move to AZ! I'll be back again soon! Take care!

  3. Sometimes the "good old fashion" way is the best to make us better.
    Love fresh eggs and veggies.

  4. Those natural rememdies really do work, I use them too.. Susie

  5. I have been keeping an out for plantain, but I haven't found any so far. But today, I'm taking a basket and going plaintain hunting.
    Love me some fresh eggs!

  6. Thanks for commenting on my blog! Yep. AZ is so different than Va. (and W Va!) and it takes some adjustment. I am SO into native eastern plants, for instance. But, we made the move for a reason, and we are happy with it. Just have to learn all these new plants and animals! Take care...

  7. I live in the city and manage to grow a lot of things in my little back yard, but its not possible to have chickens here! Love your fresh eggs. I am able to buy them sometimes but not often.

  8. I'm still thinking about that remedy! Your peppers look great-ours didn't do so well this year.

  9. Thanks for the photos and directions on your salve.
    -- barbara


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