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Monday, August 15, 2011

Nature's Secrets - Medicinal Plants

Nature holds many secrets. Our ancestors learned some of its secrets.
They learned how medicinal  plants could heal.

I was taught to use the aloe vera  thick gel for burns.

I was told by my mom to use catnip tea for colic. It worked wonders with my second baby. After drinking from a bottle filled with warm catnip tea - sweetened with a little Karo syrup, he went right to sleep.

Here is a site that tells you about 18 of nature's most powerful medicinal plants. It even lists blackberries as one!

Recently I learned of the healing properties of plantain.
It is easily found growing along country roads.

Around the middle of June, my cousin Carmen, gave me a small jar of plantain salve she had made. Among other things, she said it was good for wrinkles.

Well, after a little research on the internet, I found out that it is also good for bites and infections and other such stuff. If you don't have the salve, you can crush up the plantain into a poultice and put it on the bite or sting and place a band aid around it. 

I have had a growth on me for a few years that the doctor said was hereditary. It worried me because it was dark, raised and about the size of a dime. They wouldn't cut it off and told me not to worry about it. Well, of course, I worried about it.

I thought - why not? I started putting the plantain salve on it at night. It took a couple of months, but the growth is now gone!

It has made a believer out of me!

So, I decided to make some of my own salve. There are different ways to make it, but this is how I am making mine.

On my morning walk on Saturday, I took a bag and collected the leaves. I picked enough to fill a pint jar.
I rinsed them off and dried them thoroughly. You need to make sure they are good and dry.


Tear the leaves into pieces and stuff them tightly in the jar.

I filled the jar with coconut oil, completely covering the leaves.

Now the next thing you have to do is be patient. Wait for 2 weeks, rotating or rolling the jar occasionally. Strain the contents and put into small jars. (They say you can put a little vitamin E oil in it to help preserve it.) Store in the refrigerator.

This is the jar my cousin gave me.

There are different ways to make it. You can google plantain salve and a lot of different sites will come up telling you its benefits and how to make it.

In a few weeks I will give you an update on my magical salve.
I love it, it has made a believer out of me.


  1. Neat! I have never heard of plantain salve. I had lots in my yard till we used weed control. I will have to try this!

  2. Very interesting!
    Thanks for sharing this. I'll be on the look out for it.

  3. this was so informative Janet; never knew about plantain. Definitely going to check out the link on the plants. Hugs!

  4. I have to make regular trips to the dermatologist with precancerous spots caused by sun exposure. I'm wondering how this would work on those spots! We have a lot of the plants around here.

  5. My wrinkles, warts and barnacle THANK you.

  6. What a GREAT post Janet! You are one wise woman! XO

  7. Janet -- I do like to have new ways to use natural plants. I was unaware of Plantain's medicinal value. I am going to make some salve and see how it works. How long is the salve good for once made? In the mean time I am going to use the fresh leaf for bug bites. thanks -- barbara

  8. Lil Red Hen - I do not know if it would work on precancerous spots or not
    Folkways Notebook - I am new at making this and I do not know how long the salve is good after making it. I would say for quite a while if you keep it in the fridge like I do. I think one of the sites said to put the vit. E in it to help give it a longer life. Be sure that the leaves are completely dry before putting them in the jar.

  9. Janet, Plantain is good to put on insect bites...just break off a leaf and put the sap from the stem on the bite. I have some plantain tincture I made by soaking torn leaves in rubbing alcohol that I am going to apply to my age spots. Thanks for the idea. I'll let you know if it works...

  10. Hi Janet, what an interesting post today! I am so glad the salve worked for you and I am looking forward to checking out the website you listed. I hope you are having a good week and a lovely evening ahead! Delisa :)

  11. Just wanted you all to know I almost lost my right thumb from a spider bite (brown recluse) After going to the doctor (and no improvement) I started reading up on natural cures. I had to do something, I was in so much pain and my thumb was rotting away. I had lost almost 3/4 of a inch. I found that plantain, among it's many uses, was good for brown recluse bites. My husband would wrap my thumb each morning before work and again before going to bed.
    After taking off the first bandage we saw results. I couldn't believe it! This went on few a few months until all the thumb had grown back, including the nail. It's something I will never forget....plantain made a believer out of me. Carmen

  12. Just google....
    medicinal uses plantain
    You'll be surprise to see what it can do.

  13. I have never heard of using plantain. I am a big believer in using natural remedies so this is one I'm going to have to try. Thanks for sharing with us.

  14. Janet-I can't wait to see if you have the same results from the batch you made. I think I'm going to make some too-I've always heard plantain was medicinal-but I didn't know about the salve.

  15. Plantain salve will keep for at least a year if you add the vitamin e to it. It is also great for cuts, stings and any insect bites.


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