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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Writing Wednesday

I'm a little behind on my Writing Wednesday post.
Have you heard the old saying, "I've got too many pots on the stove?"
Well, that is the way it is around here. I have got too many things I am working on and I am behind.

I have a work in progress that I have finished, but it needs a lot of editing!
At the moment I am calling it a novella.
For the life of me I cannot seem to write a full length novel.
I guess that is why my specialty is children's books.

Anyone else have that trouble?

I distributed the June copies of Two-Lane Livin' today. If you have time, click over to their site and check it out. If any of my readers live in the Jackson County area, there are copies of it at the Jackson County Library in Ripley, First National Bank in Ripley, Crabby Patti's in Ripley, Your Family Restaurant in Kenna and the McDonalds in Fairplain. They will be at the Ravenswood Library tomorrow night when I go there to my writer's meeting.

The Library was having a book sale today! Tables and tables of books! Bag up what you want and put a donation in the jar on the table. Well, I got a few.


As you can see, I got a wide variety of books. 
Civil War books, writing books, children's books, etc.
My husband picked out a few, too.

Happy Writing.


  1. What great finds at the book sale; I'd love to be that lucky! Do you do your own illustrations for your books?

  2. Hi lil red hen. Unfortunately, my manuscripts haven't been published yet. But if and when they do get published, the publisher furnishes the illustrator.

  3. Hi Janet, sounds like you are having a busy day! How nice you found so many books at the book sale. I love John Steinbeck, my favorite is Cannery Row. I enjoy reading Debbie Macomber too, I especially like the Blossom Street series. My library just had a sale a couple of weeks ago but I missed it. I have a box I am saving to donate in the garage. I hope you have a nice evening ahead! Delisa :)

  4. You do have a lot of pots on the stove here, but they're great pots cooking up lots of good stuff. I love library book sales. I'm always looking for old, illustrated novels at them. The pictures add such a dimension to the stories :)

  5. Janet,
    I bought some books at our library last week. Get some good deals doing that. I think I got three.
    Thank you for letting Delisa know I couldn't post.
    Nancy Jo


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