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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Have a Courting Lamp!

If you have been following me for very long, you know I love Fenton and I love hobnail milkglass.
I have posted here about my milkglass finds before.

I went to a yard sale Saturday and saw this pretty little thing sitting on the table. I picked it up and just had to have it. I thought it was Fenton, but wasn't 100% sure until I went home and looked it up. When I looked it up, I found out that it was a Fenton oil courting lamp!  Isn't she cute. She wanted $2 for it, so it found a new home with me. Now I guess Charley and I are going to have to do some courting.

I also bought this beautiful Westmoreland milkglass vase.
It is very heavy and I think a bouquet of flowers would look so nice in it.

I keep saying I am going to stop going to yard sales.
But how can I when these items are waiting on me to come get them?
Does anyone else out there have a courting lamp?


  1. They are beautiful!I haven't done much yardsaling but we did go out and look at some thrift stores yesterday and enjoyed some good finds.

  2. What a pretty collection. The white color is so striking, I'll bet that lamp will look beautiful illuminated ...

  3. I've never been a yard sale shopper, but I think I'm missing out after viewing your finds, Janet! Doesn't that courting lamp make you want to write about days gone by?

  4. I love that little courting lamp! That was a great find, Janet. The vase is going to be so pretty with your flowers in it. They are always a great finda at flea markets and yard sales--new ones cost way too much!

    I keep saying that I'm going to give up flea marketing, but I'm actually on my way to one today, LOL!

  5. Janet,
    Love the courting lamp and that it is actually Fenton, lucky you.
    Question, where are you putting all this stuff.
    WE love to antique and thrift shop but don't have room for much more. Some of the things I gift but still I love to find wonderful objects such as your finds.
    Take care and keep sharing your great bargains.
    Blessings, Barb

  6. Hi Janet! You had some wonderful finds! I love milk glass too. I have seen lamps like that in the past, but did not know they were courting lamps. I wonder why them call them that? Maybe because the light is soft and romantic? The vase is beautiful. I hope you have a lovely afternoon! Delisa :)

  7. Hi.. It is nice to meet you and thanks for stopping by..
    I love yard sales too and actually sell the glass in my shop.. I do not have a courting lamp, though. It is beautiful...

  8. Now this is one pretty little lamp! I just love the feel of glass pieces. I don't go to yard sales but I'd like to; I just don't have room for anything else in the house. I do love seeing what you find though.

  9. Nope, no courting lamp. Two beautiful pieces, though.

  10. Your courting lamp is just so adorable! What a great price for it too! It is hard to turn up something so beautiful at a price like that!

    Hope you have a great day despite the rain! lol

  11. Oh I love yard sales and I love your lamp..I bet it'll be so pretty illuminated.

  12. Both are beauties. My car automatically drives to yard sales every Saturday :)

  13. One word: SCORE! Love that lamp...ah a oil lamp to court by, what could be sweeter!

  14. What a neat find! I've never heard of a 'courting' lamp before, but I love it when you can put a story to an item. I can't stop going to yard sales, either. It's addictive!

  15. I have a lamp very similar to that, only it is electric. So the bottom is more like a saucer.


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