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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Weekend Happenings and a Guessing Game

I have been very busy this weekend. 
He have visited one of our cemeteries and have two more to go to.
And, it has been soooo hot! 
On our deck thermometer, which gets direct sunlight, it was 111 degrees today.

These little baby robins seem to be doing okay, though.
Aren't they cute?

And, I also found a dove's nest in our grapevines. So far two eggs have been deposited in the nest.
There was a rumor Friday that Ripley was on sale, so we checked it out.
Sure enough, they were right. Ripley was on sale!
But, believe it or not, I never bought anything from the Courthouse lawn.
I didn't even buy any of this silvercrest Fenton or salt and pepper shakers!

We did go to a few yard sales, though, and I picked up a few things.
I saw this in the yard of one of my friends.
I would have liked to have brought it home with me, but it wasn't for sale.
Do you know what it is?

Here's another view of it.
I bet some of you know.

Any guesses?
I'll come back tomorrow and tell you what it is.

Here is the answer.
Okay everyone, we had some pretty good guesses. 
They said this used to be at our Capitol building a long time ago in Charleston.
That little spot on the back of it used to have a ring attached to it to hitch your horse to.
These were steps used for a lady to step up onto her horse and sit side saddle.


  1. It looks like a mounting block to me, like a step up to either a carriage door or for a lady to mount a horse. But it might not be that old.

    What time were you at the sales? We got there around 9 and then went to yard sales too. Most of what I bought will go on eBay, but I did find a few things for our house--and Larry found an oil filter wrench which he needed.

  2. Hi Granny Sue, we got there later then that. We went to yard sales first.

  3. I agree, it looks like some kind of step. I love the bird nests.
    We've had two decorations to attend this weekend. But I enjoy doing it .. Susie

  4. Janet -- love yard sales but have decided to not buy any more stuff -- I have enough. Maybe that is why you didn't buy. Your header photo is GREAT -- barbara

  5. Hi Barbara, I just thought I'd tell you that I have been trying to leave comments on your site, but it won't let me. I wish Blogger would hurry up and get all the bugs out of it.

  6. Hi Janet, sounds like you had a fun time going to the sales this weekend! It does take a lot of self-control sometimes, doesn't it? I love Fenton glass. I would guess that this is a step of some kind. It looks like it is carved out stone, and the metal piece may have attached it to something else. I am so curious to find out what it is! I'll check back tomorrow, Delisa :)

  7. I would have never guessed it! But I love it : )

  8. Loved the picture of baby robins !
    What Bird are You?
    Find out which bird best represents your trueself.


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