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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Writing Wednesday

Hi everyone, it is another Writing Wednesday. I really enjoyed your comments last week with the story starter writing prompts. Thanks to all of you who commented.

Now for a little good news, I learned last week that three of my poems that I submitted to Holler, are going to be in their Spring Edition!

Today I want to talk about what you do with your writing after it is written.

Some writers are content with just getting it out of their souls and down on paper.
Some writers want to see their stories published.
Some writers want to get paid for their time and energy they spend on their writing.

Which one are you?

I think I am a little bit of each one of the above.

I love putting my thoughts down on paper. I love getting it just right with the help of my writer friends.
We had a meeting of the Appalachian Wordsmiths last week, and we really went to work on my two picture book manuscripts. One had very small changes to it, but they made a big difference. The other one needed more intense edits, because of the rhyming, but I think it is close to being ready.

I also would like to get my stories published and get paid for them. I have been a stay at home mom all my life and it would be nice, since my husband is now retired, to be able to contribute to our income, no matter how small the amount may be. Every little bit helps.

Lately, I've been thinking of unique ways to get our words published. And you might even be able to make a few dollars while you are at it. A few I thought of are:

Type your poem in a distinctive font, print it on nice paper and frame it. (Hang it on your wall or sell copies of it at a craft show)
Enter contests (you might win).
Stitch or iron your profound words onto fabric. (t shirts, quilted items, etc.)
Find a great topic and print pamphlets, newsletters or chapbooks.
Or we could really be unique and get it published. Or if all else fails, self publish! There are many good books out there that are self published.

What kind of writer are you?
Do you have any tips for getting your words published?
Please share them if you do.

By the way, this is Children's Book Week. Enjoy the Magic! 
Celebrate by reading a children's book to yourself or to a child.

Happy Children's Book Week!



  1. It is satisfying to see our words published, and to make a connection with readers. There are many online and print literary journals, in all genres, that accept submissions. I've gone that route and published parts of my memoir manuscript in a few. A quick internet search will find the ones that suit us.

  2. I think I am a writer who is just beginning the "would like to get it published" faze. I have had two of my stories published and a poem, and I am still submitting, but I don't know if I am at a place in life just yet, (mainly because of some very distracting health issues) where I can devote the energy to it that I would wish.

    That is why I say I am just at the "beginning". I know I have a lot of work to do. That is one reason I really find your blog very inspiring and you are very gracious about sharing what you have learned. Your blog has been very invigorating, opening up to me a community of working writers at every stage in the game. As my Mom used to say it's time to "chip away at the mountain"!

    The feeling of getting something published and as Joanne said in her comment making a connection with the readers is so wonderful! I would like that feeling again. It would be nice to be paid one day, and have my work validated in that way. I hope you have a good week ahead! Delisa :)

  3. Like Delisa, I am a beginner. Although I have published one book, an it has done well I would love to go farther with it. I crave for my work to be read, plus like you said the money would come in handy since my husband is semi-retired and I 've been at home for a long time with a disabiling condition. Your post is very informative and I have learned a lot from you with your posts... Susie

  4. It all begins with wanting it out of your head and on paper. Publication and payment come later. At least that's how it is for me.

  5. Janet,
    Congratulations upon your three poems being accepted and published in the spring edition of Holler.

    What wonderful advice concerning getting your work published. This is great. I need to get my work out there. I've really gotten lazy about submitting my writing.
    Thanks for the encouragement.

  6. Congrats!!! And as to getting published, just keep writing and submitting and writing and submitting and writing and...well you get the idea! And never, I repeat, never dwell on 'rejections.' Just keep moving forward, improving your craft.

  7. I am one who wants to see my work between covers -- published. My daughter helped me get my first work self-published through, and since I wasn't particularly interested in marketing the book, it all turned out well. It was written for my grandchildren but I did sell several copies to older people. I suppose one could print and bind their own work; nothing is inexpensive either way you go.

  8. I like to see my stuff read and enjoyed, but profit is a close second.

  9. Writing well comes first. Publication is a hopeful second! My mantra is: Read a lot; write a lot; don't give up!

    Write on, Janet, and a big CONGRATULATIONS on those poetry acceptances!

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