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Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Newest Quilt

I've went through many stages. First I sewed, then I crafted, then I made a few quilts. I haven't made one for a while, though. I'm impatient and it takes so long to make them. The first one I ever hand stitched was a king size one and boy did it ever take me a long time to finish it.

I love quilts. I have posted here and here about them before. I think it is amazing what a person can make with patches of material and thread. I've made six blue jean quilts. Here is one hanging on a quilt rack. My son, Andrew, made the quilt rack.

My newest quilt is one my husband inherited. I love it.

The stitches are so perfect. Much better than I can do.

Do you like quilts?


  1. That is a nice quilt. I like quilts, too. I've always wanted to make one, but have only made small ones for a baby. It does take a lot of patience. I can remember grandma quilting....stitching by hand. I also like your denim ones. Maybe someday I will get started on one.

  2. I love quilts! Those are all so pretty, Janet. Like you, it's been a while since I pieced one. I tend to go from one craft to another, then circle back to the first!

  3. What a treasure you have. It is so pretty and nice stitches..Keep quilting.

  4. Very, very nice quilt. I have several and I love them. Such pieces of art and it really takes time and talent to make one.

  5. Hey Janet!

    I love the quilt your husband inherited. It is beautiful. I also love the one you made out of jeans. I started one of those years ago and never finished it. I also started a work shirt quilt out of material from my husband's dress shirts that had a stain on them or something. I never finished it either. Now, I hate to say it but I started one back when I was 16. Sewing that one entirely by hand and I never finished it either...

    With that being said, I do plan to finish at least one of those quilts in the Fall when I have both of my kids in school all day long! I will have time to do it then.

  6. That is beautiful! How lucky you are to get it!

  7. That's a beautiful quilt. I love all the colors!


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