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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Look What I Found

I've been so busy around here. We are doing a deep clean of the garage. It would be nice just to be able to walk through it without stubbing your toe on something. We have taken 3 loads to the thrift store.

For those of you who don't know, I also write. It is very time consuming, too, just ask my husband.

I finally took a break and went outside. In addition to the weeds that have taken control in a few places, I also found a few other things that seem to have popped up over night.

This is in my blackberry patch:

Filled with these beautiful blue eggs:

My pear tree has little pears, hope a frost doesn't kill them this year:

The ferns are pushing their way up among the rocks and weeds: I love ferns!

These little plants are popping up everywhere. I have to go and pull these up before they get any bigger or they will take over. Their very long roots makes them hard to pull up when they grow larger. They grow fast! Know what they are? Answer at bottom of page.

These purple and pink flowers are everywhere! They spread like crazy! Their name escapes me at the moment.

These peonies will be gorgeous in a few weeks. . . or sooner!

Plants seem to be blooming earlier this year. If we blink an eye, we will miss its beauty.

Answer from question above: Rose of Sharon

What's coming up around your house?


  1. It does feel GREAT to get rid of clutter--ahh! We did that a couple of months ago and NEED to do it again--where does it all come from?
    I love the virtual nature walk with you, everything is so pretty. The purple and pink flowers are columbines, my momma has them in her backyard garden. Our long-time neighbor had given her some seeds a year or so before he passed on about 16 years ago and they just keep seeding themselves every year. Hope you are having a wonderful week-don't work too hard, we all need those breaks from the old keyboard. ;-)

  2. Sights of spring are always a treat to look at. The Robin's nest with eggs is really cool.

  3. Everything looking good at your place.. Happy Earth Day

  4. Hey Janet!

    I love the birds nest! It's probably not at a place where you would want it though. Hopefully they won't eat all the blackberries!

  5. Hi Janet,we have been doing a lot of deep cleaning to...I love that nest,it is so pretty..My peonies look like yours except mine have a few ants on them..looks really nice and clean around your place...take care and have a good weekend

  6. I enjoyed seeing "spring"...we are behind here. The eggs are so pretty and what an awesome photo you have of them.
    Have a great weekend.
    Deb :)

  7. Your pictures are almost too lovely for words. That is such a perfect bird's nest. I love peonies and can't wait until they bloom. Be sure to post a picture!

  8. I'm hoping my peonies bloom this week but they look just like yours - like they might be more than a week out. I sure wish my garage had a deep clean this spring but I just don't have the energy for it right now. blessings, marlene

  9. My flowers are blooming earlier too. I love the eggs-so sweet!

  10. Love that nest with the blue eggs!
    The photos are all great!

  11. Love the picture of the little bird nest! You have so much more in bloom or close to it, than we do here. Daffodils have been and gone, and now hyacynths are nearly spent. Still waiting for the leaves on the trees to open up! man, it's COLD here yet!

  12. Just visiting you for the first time, Janet and am mesmerized by your spring - it comes VERY late for me in the mountains of CO. Are those little purple flowers Chiming Bells - not sure? I think I have some in my summertime garden in Breckenridge.

  13. I love bird nests. I have never seen(in person)a nest with such beautiful eggs in it!


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