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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Vintage Thingies

I'm participating in Vintage Thingies Thursday again, hosted by Colorado Lady. Go visit and see others who are posting their vintage thingies.

I usually have a collection to show you on Thursdays, but today I only have three things. I don't have many family heirlooms from my past, but here are three things of remembrance from my Aunt Leatha.

My mother came from a large family, there were 10 children! Aunt Leatha was one of my mother's older sisters. I remember visiting her on Sunday's for dinner. They lived along a winding, hilly road called Buzzard Rock. I can only imagine how it got it's name. Our roads weren't paved back then and I remember going to her house in the winter time and Dad would put weights of some sort in the back of our vehicle so we could traverse the snow and ice covered roads without slipping over the hillside.

I remember her coal cook stove in the kitchen. And the pile of coal out from her house. We had a modern cook stove in our kitchen and I thought her coal one was the neatest thing. And I remember the big fireplace in her living room. Her and my mom were very close, I have a letter Aunt Leatha wrote her when Mom was expecting her first child, she was worried about her. She signed it To my sweet sister Olive.

When I was little she gave me this little ceramic table.
It's made in Japan and is decorated with flowers.

How it survived all this time, I'll never know. I kept it all these years and brought it with me when I married and set up housekeeping of my own. I must have loved it very much and I still do. Every time I look at it, the little table brings back memories of a wonderful and loving aunt.

She was very talented and crocheted. Her daughter Vera crochets and is very good at it, too. If you want to go look, click here to see a few she has done.

These two doilies were my mothers.
I may be wrong, but I feel confident that Aunt Leatha did them,
because I don't think my mom crocheted, she only did embroidery.

I hope you enjoyed going down memory lane with me.
Small things can mean so much.


  1. The stories today have been wonderful and yours is so much love. Lovely doilies and the ceramic little table is so cute. Thanks for sharing your memories.

  2. Well, Jan, I guess your memory is better than mine....I don't remember the coal burning stove...I remember that she had bottled gas for the memory isn't very good. It's good that you have that little table to remember her by.

    Big Sis

  3. What great memories you have there, the little box is great and the Dollies so very't help but laugh at your Sis's comment, sounded like my Sis when I remember something and she doesn't...she all ways says "your memory must be better than mine"...
    I tell her it's because she's SOOOOOOO much older than 2 years)

  4. Those are lovely. Beautiful work on those doilies. It is great to have things that belonged to family. Love your story too, I have several family members whom brings fond memories too. Have a great weekend!

  5. Janet...You are so IS the little things! Treasures the ones you shared and their lovely story....that IS the little things that make me smile...that and new friends! So glad you stopped by my blog! Happy VTT!

  6. I can see God in those little things.

  7. Especially love your little table, adorable! How lovely that you saved it.

  8. Janet... I didn't know you had the little table that Mom gave you. I am so glad you wrote about her.

    She probably did make the doilies.

    Yes, we did have a wood cook stove until I was about sixteen.

  9. Janet, that table is just adorable. Beautiful doilies and a great story.

  10. What wonderful sweet memories you have..thank you for sharing them with us. The doilies are just beautiful and so is that sweet little table. Happy VTT and hope your weekend is a lovely one.

  11. Thanks for sharing the memories - the crochet work is lovely - really enjoyed it!

  12. Thanks for visiting my post today. I like your vintage thingies too. Especially the crochet doilies! Happy Thursday!

  13. i ssoo enjoyed reading your post..what memories!!...that little china table is adorable and full of happy childhood memories for you :)

  14. Lovely story, lovely doilies and an adorable china table! Thanks for sharing.

  15. Oh... yes, Judy. So small things mean so much and I agree with Susan, what a touching post.
    You almost had me in tears but I had to stay cleareyed to gaze at those doilies.
    Happy weekend friend.

  16. Isn't that the sweetest little table.
    My Grandfather gave me many things when I wasn't old enough to appreciate them but they too have survived and I have something to remember him by.

  17. Small things usually leave the biggest impressions on us. Love the doilies.

  18. Great VTT post! Thanks for sharing your heirlooms and family stories.

  19. Love the little table and the doilies. The few old items I have-I treasure more than new things.


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