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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cookie Jars!

I'm participating in Vintage Thingies Thursday again, hosted by Colorado Lady. Go visit and see others who are posting their vintage thingies.

I'm posting three of my vintage cookie jars today.

I'm posting this owl cookie jar especially for my sister to see. She collects owls, but she doesn't have an owl cookie jar. If anyone out there collects owls and wants to see her big collection go here.

I just got the McCoy Owl Cookie Jar this week at my favorite spot to go on Tuesday mornings
in the spring and summer. Ripley's roadside sale! I paid $5 for it.
They say this is sometimes called the patriotic owl because his wing over his heart looks like he is saying the pledge of allegiance.

Here is another McCoy cookie jar.
I got it at a yard sale.

Here is my apple cookie jar. I love it!
It has a lot of crazing on it, but I think that
adds to it's appeal.
I also got it at my favorite roadside sale a few years ago.

Did you notice what they were sitting on?
Do you know what this runner and place mat are made from?

Plastic Bags!
Aren't they beautiful.
I got them at a yard sale and the lady said her mother made them a long time ago.
That's a lot of work.

I hope you enjoyed my cookie jars and plastic runner and place mat.


  1. I am speechless, a McCoy cookie jar for $5.00. Oh my. You did get a prize. Love all of thm.

  2. What a fun post. I was trying to figure out what the material was from the tablerunners, I have never seen anything like that, can you just imagine the work and time that went into that?

    Love your apple cookie jar. Very pretty.

  3. Sweet,but are they all filled with cookies?
    As for the table runners, never in a million years would I have guessed, plastic bags!

  4. 3 cookie jars fill with cookies.. yumm! now, which one should I dip my hands in.. the owl, the apple or the other McCoy jar.. hehehehehe.. great finds you got for five bucks! Happy VTT

  5. So COOL - love the plastic bags, as well - you would never have guessed it! At a retirement facility I used to work at, a woman crochet some bunnies out of plastic bags - and each bunny was a different color, the ear linings were different, and they had white paws and toes - and cute bunny tails! Looking at them, you would have thought it was yarn, but when you held them you could tell it was plastic bags!

  6. I like all of your cool VTTs! I've seen those plastic bag mats before. Too bad we don't have all the colors available today.

  7. Janet,

    There's lots of great finds at yard and estate sales. These cookie jars are delightful. They don't make the cute things like they used to. It's only once in a while that you come across anything like this in stores today. I shop for vintage items at auctions, fleamarkets and yard sales. Lovely collection that you and your sister have.


  8. My eye was drawn immediately to the McCoy cookie jar--beautiful. And owls are quite in style right now.

  9. Oh wow! Love those cookie jars but that runner and place mats are the best. Talk about recycling!

  10. I love cookie jars, but I don't have enough room for the things I collect now. So I'll have to pass on collecting those. But if I ever get a bigger house....
    I've wanted to learn how to crochet with plastic. Guess I need to research it.

  11. Janet: Vintage pottery can be so cool, nicely displayed.

  12. What a steal on a McCoy! Lucky you!! Your mats are runner are the best use of plastic bags that I have ever seen.

  13. Now you have an owl. Nice collection, Jan. Thanks for putting my owl collection out there. Maybe I'll get some visitors.

  14. Cookie jars are one of my favorite vintage things. How awesome is that table runner and placemat?!

  15. I love pretty cookie jars...especially vintage ones!
    And the plastic runner...isn't that amazing..

  16. These are so much fun! I love the owl! It reminds me of Athena the Greek Goddess of Wisdom. (Sorry I'm a mythology buff)

    Nice to meet you and your blog :)


  17. What cool cookie jars! And I'm loving that runner:)

  18. I crochet with plastic bags too, but mine were never as pretty as that table runner. That was some nice needle work there. Love the cookie jars too, especially the owl. Thanks for sharing everything. xxoo

  19. It is hard to believe that the table runner is made from plastic bags. I am a big collector of things, but I do not have any cookie jars. You have a great collection. Enjoy your posts. May you continue to be blessed!

  20. Love those cookie jars I what a steal you got!!!! I have never heard of making placemats from plastic bags...that is amazing! Thanks for coming by girl...hope you have had a great day!

  21. Love the peach! My sis has a sad looking doggy one similar to your owl. Thanks for sharing!

  22. I love the cookie jars especially the apple one. I think the plastic bag runner is great!

  23. I think plastic bag crocheting is so cool. I have a plastic bag tote in my pile of patterns to make one day. :)

    The owl is my favorite of the three jars. :)

  24. what adorable cookie jars & those mats from recycled plastic bags are priceless :)

  25. The cookie jars are wonderful and the mats show that we women have been green minded all along! ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

  26. Love all the cookie jars-but my favorite is the owl.


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