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Monday, June 23, 2014

School Bus Stop Shelters

Many years ago, the bus stop shelter in our neighborhood was a very busy building, filled with smiling children. On nice days, they stood in line outside the shelter. The two dinosaur backpack toting kids, from this picture taken quite a few years ago, are my two oldest boys.

The shelter now sits empty, filled with overgrown weeds and echoes of the past. After a few rains, the weeds grew fast.


Graffiti remains on the walls, carved there by children who used to wait on the school bus.


A shelf was added in the corner to place the piles of heavy books the children carried to school. Nails lined the top board to hang their backpacks and umbrellas on.

These shelters dot the rural countryside in Jackson County. This one sits and waits for the next group of young children to come along.

Do you have bus stop shelters in our area?


  1. Janet, I have seen them in rural areas. I imagine each one holds so many stories.

    1. Yes they do, Linda. If their walls could talk, what would they say? We didn't have the luxury of having one when we were growing up. We just stood out in the weather.

  2. They gave up having them in my county - too many teenagers thought it was fun to tear them up at night. It just got too expensive to replace them.

  3. It's so sad to see places with pleasant memories fading away. I don't recall any in our area, but in my day (you know, the cave days) we walked to school. Maybe the kids in the country had them. Lovely pictures.

    1. Hi Beverly. We never had any, either. We just stood out in the weather.


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