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Friday, July 8, 2011

Vintage Pitchers

I have a few vintage pitchers. Since I have more than three, I guess you could say I have a collection.  Someone once told me that if you have at least three of something, you have a collection.

If you look close you will see three pitchers on top of my china cabinet. The turquoise on the left is new Fiesta, the dark  green one on the right is old Fiesta, I got it at a yard sale for $5. I don't know who made the pretty one in the middle that has a yellow rose on the front of it. It is a Fiesta look a like.

Here is another old Fiesta look a like. My sister in law got it for me at a thrift store. I don't know who made it, do any of you?

I got this old pitcher at a neighbor's yard sale.  It is made in Liverpool.


This pretty one with the bees on it was made in Japan.
This one with the wheat design and matching glasses sits on top of one of my freezers.
This pretty yellow one sits behind it with old tulip glasses surrounding it.
I guess you can tell I like yellow.

Today I added another one to my collection. It is Hall and I got it at the thrift store. It is called a ball jug pitcher. My kitchen is red and yellow, so I just had to get it.
There is only one problem. It has a chip on it. It is a recent chip, I'd say it probably happened at the thrift store. But, I only paid 25 cents for it, so I guess I shouldn't complain. I will just have to turn it so the chip will not be seen.
 I am trying to get rid of some of my 'stuff.' I am having a yard sale this summer and I am determined to sell some of it. But, everytime I start to sort, I say, "Oh, I like this, I don't want to get rid of this." 

I guess we will  just have to wait and see.


  1. Hi Janet! I like your collection. I think my mom used to have a set of the tulip glasses and the wheat pattern beverage set, I can remember drinking orange juice and pop from ours. I really like the cardinal glasses on top of your china cabinet, so pretty!!! It would be very hard to decide which treasures should go. I know it would be very hard for me to part with any of my beloved dishes. Best wishes for your yard sale, hope it is a huge success!!!

  2. I love your collections!! I wrote once about my collection of Homer Laughlin pieces; it's been a long time since I've added anything to it. I just love the feel of heavy, durable china.

    Yes, with three of things I think it does become a collection; I must have several. :)

    Wish I could attend your yard sale!!

  3. Hi Char, those cardinal glasses used to be give a ways at gas stations back in the 60s. Be nice if they still did things like that wouldn't it.

  4. Now I could just see that pitcher with the tulip glasses set up on a little table outdoors in the shade on a hot summer day, filled to the brim with iced lemonade. I'd sit with one of those pretty tulip glasses and linger in the afternoon.

  5. Janet -- Ahh -- you are a confirmed collector -- as I once was. Enjoy your collections and don't sell unless you really don't feel you'll miss it. I figure old stuff does not create environmental problems it is the new stuff that does. -- barbara

  6. I love your collection of vintage pitchers. I like the red pitcher best. It reminds me of one we used to own and Mama would serve Cool-Aid to us kids. Great posting.

  7. I enjoyed seeing your collection :)I like yellow too!
    I had 1 garage sale and will have another one this fall. Yet, I still buy things..go figure! LOL!
    Deb :)

  8. I tried to leave a message earlier today but got an error message--twice! Just wanted to say how fun it was to see your pitchers. I especially loved the summery bee pitcher.

  9. I like them all! I collect them too-I just wish I had someone to clean them!

  10. I'm not much of a garage sale person, but I do like pitchers. I have two - so not a collection. One is translucent cobalt blue, given to me by my aunt and cousin on a visit. The other I bought at Tuesday Morning a few years ago because I needed a unique vase to hold sunflowers. It's also cobalt, but ceramic with a turquoise handle and painted red and yellow flowers on a white band around the neck.

  11. I have so many pitchers! At last count, it was over 30. I posted photos of them last year on my blog. Until then I had not realized how many I had--and now I've added more. Go figure. I like your collection--you have some nice finds there. I have a white ball pitcher like your red one; I've had it for a long time. It's exactly like the one we used for kool-aid when I was young. I think my favorite of your collection is the Fiesta look-alike.

  12. Hi Janet, what beautiful pitchers! You have quite a collection. I especially like the bright red one. That is almost the same exact shape of an old Jewel Tea pitcher that I have leftover from my Mom's set. I wish I could visit your yard sale! I know what you mean it is hard for me to get rid of things like this too. I love to give away things to people I know will enjoy them, but if I'm not sure...that's when I chicken out. :) Have a nice evening and stay cool tomorrow! Delisa :)


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