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Monday, July 18, 2011

Birds, Flowers and Ghost Peppers

I looked outside my kitchen window this morning to see a neighborhood dog playing with something in our yard. He kept capturing it in his mouth and tossing it about. Banging on the window didn't make him leave, so I ran out the door to scare him off.

I found this little baby bird. I was afraid he was dead or his wing may have been broke. But upon close observation, I noticed his eyes were open and he was breathing rapidly. I saw a sibling and parent nearby, so I left. When I returned, he was gone. I was glad to find the baby bird missing, hopefully this means his wing wasn't damaged.

I don't know if you have a Rose of Sharon bush or not. But, I highly recommend them. They are so beautiful. When the flowers drop, they form a colorful ring on the ground around the bush.

Their blossoms are beautiful. The bees love them and so do the butterflies. One word of caution, though, don't plant them near the house in a bed filled with mulch. The seeds fall to the ground and hundreds of baby bushes grow all around. We have one at the corner of our house and if I had a nickle for every little bush I have pulled from the ground, I would be rich. Put them out in the middle of your yard and this will not happen.

My sunflowers were supposed to be mammoth ones. They didn't quite turn out to be mammoth, but they are still pretty.

My son grew ghost peppers this year. Why? That is a good question, but I have no good answer. Ghost peppers are the hottest peppers in the world. You can go here to read about the 'ghost pepper' and some amazing health benefits of the pepper. We have an entire row of these plants. Got milk?


  1. I enjoyed your post. I love nature and all that's in it.

  2. Poor little birdy! Granny has Rose of Sharons all around her house : )

  3. I know what you mean about the rose of Sharons. I made that mistake too. Put one the same color as yours in a mulch bed and I'm pulling them up. I have a white one that's off to it's self and I'm not having any trouble with it. Love your sunflowers..Susie

  4. Nice hat you let the baby bird be with its mother -- she knows best I think -- barbara

  5. I'm always jealous of your beautiful garden shots, Janet! Of course, my heart went out to the fledgling. Hopefully, it's alive and flying free.

  6. I'm glad Baby Bird was OK. We've had three nestings of white wing doves on our patio this summer. Maybe you can sell those peppers to restaurants or a local market. Wear gloves when you touch them.

  7. Very good blog. So much life around us! The ghost peppers are interesting...can't eat them but sometimes I like to grow things just because they are unique. One years I grew a lot of habaneros and sold them to a local restaurant that made 'atomic' wing sauce from them!

  8. Hi Janet! I really enjoyed your post today. My husband loves, loves, loves jalapeno peppers. He has been talking about ghost peppers recently as well. I always burn my hands after I cut peppers, no matter how hard I try to be careful they burn for hours. Do you or your son have a secret for cutting up these hot peppers? Or for stopping the burning? I have tried everything I can think of. I hope you have a lovely day ahead, I loved the picture of the Rose of Sharon too!
    Delisa :)

  9. I'm sure glad the baby bird was okay. I love your flowers and lawn. You have such a lovely home. It's always a joy to visit your blog.

  10. We had robins nest by our back door and I think the babies left too soon. Two days after they left, we did find a dead one in our yard. Hopefully the other two made it off okay.

    And Ghost Peppers! Your son is brave--i watched a utube vid of a guy eating just It took him 10 minutes of sweating and crying to get it down.

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  11. I would have scared off that mean ole dog, too!
    I love those old bushes. If I were there I'd dig one up one of those babies and bring it home with me.
    Most of myy "mammoth" sunflowers aren't "mammoth" either. I have a few that's gotten pretty big. But most are only about 5'.
    You can have all of those pepper! I don't do hot. LOL

  12. Now my husband would love those peppers!! I have a hedge of Rose of Sharons that was grown from seedlings from my Mother-in-laws yard. I also have others that have come up in the edge of my garden!! They keep you busy pulling up the unwanted ones!


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