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Monday, March 28, 2011

Framing Grandma

I'm framing Grandma today!

I gathered together an old picture of Grandma Lucy McMillion (my mother's mom), 
a piece of an old quilt of Grandma's and a matted frame with an old paint by number picture in it.

I love these old paint by number pictures, don't you? I find them at yard sales. In addition to these little puppies, I have a collie and a Japanese scene. They say they are the collectibles of the future. So if you see any cheap at a yard sale, pick them up. We had paint by number roses on the wall of our living room when I was little.

I laid out the piece of old quilt. And before any of you gasp, this is just a piece of an old cutter quilt. I think they call them cutter quilts, because they are in such bad shape and they are not salvageable. From this piece I have already made a few cookie cutter Christmas ornaments and a Teddy bear that I gave away at one of our family reunions. I think these heirlooms should be re-used and displayed so we can enjoy them, instead of being shut up inside of a drawer or chest.

Okay,  back to my project.

I found a place in the quilt to cut out four long pieces to attach to the matte of the frame.

If you want, you can very lightly glue the ends of the strips. 
You probably don't have to do that,  though.

I grabbed my old sewing machine drawer, that I use to store old button cards in,
and searched for a couple of buttons to attach to the outside of the frame.

Here is my finished product hanging on the wall of my family room. 
My grandmother had a lilac bush by the corner of her porch, so. . .

. . . I filled my Shawnee vase with lilacs. The Shawnee vase was given to me at a yard sale. Can you believe how nice some people are. I bought the lilacs last week at the Mt. Mission Thrift Store in Charleston. A worker was filling a box with of artificial flowers while I was there.  They were ten cents each. They are new, I thought that was a very good deal. And, I just love lilacs.

Oh, one more thing. I wrote on the back,  'Grandma Lucy McMillion surrounded by a piece of one of her patchwork quilts.'  This way, in the future, everyone will know who it is and why the quilt pieces are surrounding the picture.

Hope you enjoyed my framing of Grandma!

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  1. Love your cleaver framing idea....the cutter quilt is just perfect for something like that. Happy Spring Ya'll from Houston, TX

  2. Janet,
    I love this idea. Looks good on the wall too.
    All my children have a quilt or two from grandmas and recently I remade one of the quilts that had gotten really ragged on the edges.
    I saved a few blocks for just such a purpose. I wasn't sure what I'd use them for but knew something would come up.
    Thanks for the idea.
    Love love love old quilts.
    Blessings, Barb

  3. Very nice Janet. I love old pictures. I have a lot of them and display several. I was brought up on a farm by my Grand parents and a large extented family, so pictures are real important to me.
    Your quilt idea is really cute.
    Nancy Jo

  4. What a nice tribute to your Grandma and the things she loved ... You've put great personal touches, and a lot of heart, into her framing ...

  5. Janet -- Grandma McMillion looks so sweet in the frame. Such a wonderful tribute to her. Love old family photos -- have a floor to ceiling wall full of them -- barbara

  6. I bet Grandma would have approved!

  7. What a sweet way to remember your grandmother Janet! The photo looks wonderful framed by a piece of her own quilt.

  8. The picture is just beautiful! What a creative and thoughtful thing to do Janet. I bet she would have loved the idea. What a neat way to showcase her work as well and no doubt your family and friends will appreciate it for years to come as well. Have a lovely afternoon! Delisa :)

  9. This is just so unique and creative. I love it.. Susie


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