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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Are You a Dishaholic?

Are your cabinets filled with dishes that never see the light of day?

Can you not pass up a pretty cup, saucer or bowl at a yardsale or thrift store?

Do you have enough platters to feed Cox's Army?

 I love yellow. The bottom platter is melmac the top is an old china one.

 It is stamped on the back "Compliments of TONY'S FOOD MARKET 3400 E Fairmount Ave. It looks like a Homer Laughlin plate that was probably made special for Tony's Food Market.

If you answer yes to these questions, you are probably a DISHAHOLIC!

That's all right, you can join me at the local Dishaholic Anonymous Meeting. But, be warned. You are never cured and will probably be in recovery for the rest of your life.

I put these bowls and saucers together. I thought they would look nice
by the kitchen sink filled with my scrubbers, sponges and scrapers.
I think someone told me that the bowl on the right was put in oat boxes years ago. 
I have 3 more of those, two are plain and one has stars around the top.

Don't you just love the place mat under these. I think it is made from old colored plastic bread bags. I got the placemat and a runner just like it at a yard sale for around $1. She said her mother made it. I'm  not sure, but I would guess it was made in the 60s. Have you ever seen any of these? I think they are so pretty, can you imagine the time it took to make them.

 These eggcups, cups and saucers and bowls are great to hold candies or candles.

Here is a closeup of the plastic placemat.

I've only shown the tip of the iceberg.

Okay, everyone, 'fess up, are you a Dishaholic?
The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.

If we band together and hold hands, we can get through this together.


  1. Yes, yes and yes! My husband said the other day that if I went into a thrift store, something glass was coming out with me. He was right! Platters, about 40 teacups and saucers, snack sets, wineglasses, mixing bowls and serving bowls...enough for Cox's Army as you say.

    Now, where did that expression come from? Who was Cox anyway? Off I go to Google :)

  2., I'm not a dish-a-holic... but I am a junk-a-holic. I can't seem to stay out of thrift stores. I acquire more books than anything else... I need to have my own sale, soon. :o) You have lots of pretty dishes... I can see how one could be addicted.

  3. Okay, Coxey's Army from wikipedia:

    Coxey's Army was a protest march by unemployed workers from the United States, led by the populist Jacob Coxey. They marched on Washington D.C. in 1894, the second year of a four-year economic depression that was the worst in United States history to that time. Officially named the Commonweal in Christ, its nickname came from its leader and was more enduring. It was the first significant popular protest march on Washington and the expression "Enough food to feed Coxey's Army" originates from this march.

    Then there is Cox's Army (from the huffington post):

    In January 1932 Cox [a Catholic priest] led a march of 25,000 unemployed Pennsylvan­ians, dubbed "Cox's Army", on Washington­, D.C, the largest demonstrat­ion to date in the nation's capital. He hoped the action would stir Congress to start a public works program and to increase the inheritanc­e tax tax to 70%.[1] Even Pennsylvan­ia's Republican governor Gifford Pinchot backed Cox's march. Pinchot hoped Cox would back his own hopes to wrest away the Republican nomination for president away from Hoover. Cox had other plans.

    Herbert Hoover was sufficient­ly embarrasse­d by the march that a full-scale investigat­ion was launched against Cox. The Republican National Committee wanted to know how Cox was able to purchase enough gasoline to get the marchers to Washington­, suggesting the Vatican, or Democratic supporters of Al Smith funded the operation. It turned out that Andrew Mellon had quietly ordered his Gulf Oil gas stations to dispense free gas to the marchers. This proved to be the pretext for Hoover to remove Mellon from his post as Secretary of the Treasury."

    Fun stuff! Not only do I collect glassware, evidently I collect trivia too :)

  4. Pen Pen, I am also a book-a-holic!
    I am sure you are to, Susanna.
    Susanna, funny how sayings get passed down through the years. We have always used that expression, I don't know if my ancestors pronounced it Coxey's Army or Cox's Army.

  5. All those pretty dishes make such a comforting sight, with their flower patterns and suggestions of sweet food and company. Some of them are an artform in themselves. I'm not a dishaholic, but am in the market for a new set of dishes to replace our everyday set, which has seen better days. I'm having fun looking at the variety of sets out there :)

  6. Hi Janet! I am a recovering dishaholic who could so easily go over the edge again! When we moved here to Georgia I got rid of many of my odds and ends, and our kitchen here is quite a bit larger, so I had kind of a fresh start.

    My mother-in-law also lives with us and she has a beautiful set of blue and white china that she has used since my husband was a little boy. So I got rid of my old chipped pieces and we now use her set for every day.

    I have been sneaking in little desert plates here and there...of course there has been an occasional tea cup or two...oh and a serving platter...and there was that time I found those cute little pink Depression-glass bowls... I noticed you have some Fiesta ware and a couple of pieces of Jewel Tea...gulp. I think I need to go to the antique mall, right now! Delisa :)

  7. Joanne, I think that is one reason I like them so much, they are so pretty.
    Delisa, Good luck! I have been lucky with my collecting, I have gotten most at yard sales and thrift stores very cheap! Antique stores are usually too high for my pocketbook.

  8. What wonderful photographs. Yes, I would be one of those, I tend to buy from junk shops, so perhaps don't qualify,there's treasure trove to be found.

  9. Janet, I think it's wonderful we can all be in this club together! I've got loads of stuff and no extra place to put it so some of it's stored in boxes. I guess I did to dig some out and swap out!

  10. Hi again Janet, I forgot to tell you how cute those place mats are. It amazes me how creative women were in the past using such unusual everyday items. What a neat find. I wish we had garage sales here where I live. I really miss them. I used to love going out early on Saturday mornings when we lived in California. We are way out in the country and there are no thrift stores. What people do here sometimes is bring their stuff and set it up in front of our little country market. Then there is a place we call the "antique mall", but it is really a converted big red barn. It is divided into booths which people rent. Then four times a year they have a great big outdoor sale. It is so much fun, the prices are great and they make a real party of it. People bring refreshments and they have drawings and prizes. There are no real "antiques" just cute family collectables, those are the most fun anyway! :)

  11. Ok, let's hold hands. I thought I was the only dishaholic. When I look at these beautiful dishes, my juices star flowing. My cabinet is full and I have them packed away. I love that placemat also. I wonder how it was made. Whew, I don't feel so bad now..

  12. Hello, my name is Keetha and I'm a dishaholic.

    Well - - - but since my recent MOVE I'm in dishaholic recovery and I'm trying to NOT get any more STUFF - - - including dishes - - - unless I just ABSOLUTELY have to.

    You'd be VERY proud of me if you knew how many THINGS I've said "NO" to.

  13. Yes, I am also a dishaholic. I can't shop at the Goodwill or thrift store without bringing home a pretty plate or saucer. You have some pretty finds, Janet.
    I love the ingenious is that?

  14. Keetha, I love that, I will join you, My name is Janet and I'm a dishaholic.
    Susie and Delisa, I love the placemat,too. I think they crocheted it with strips of plastic, however they did it, it is beautiful.
    Delisa, I don't know what I would do without yard sales.
    Carole, I love 'junk' shops!
    Mama Bug, the more club members, the merrier!

  15. Hi Anita, glad to have you in the club. Would you believe I went to two thrift stores today and came out without any dishes.

  16. I love dishes, but do not have quite this many! I love Fire King and have some of the Charm series and a random assortment of other types of glassware.

  17. Your dish collection is wonderful. The wheat pattern in the fourth photo reminds me of dishes my mom had.
    Donna v.

  18. I have too many dishes, but I had more. Till one day I decided I needed to start cleaning out. And that's just what I did.

  19. Hi, my name is Cathy and I am almost a dishaholic! :-)

    I love going to junk stores and finding my treasures!!

  20. AND your point would be, Janet???
    Yes and yes and yes. I am a dishaholic and I love being one. I love dessert dishes currently. I love jadite, Johnson bros china, blue and white. Ummm let's see. I have some odd egg cups, English china. I have a number of serving dishes, a cookie jar or two. Ummm. A china cabinet full of china. ANd now that's all I'm saying. Anyone heard of a dish sale anywhere???
    I love thrift stores.
    Thanks for starting this Miss Janet now I'm hankering for a new dish or two. Maybe a new tea cup or more.
    OFf here to see if I can fit anymore in the cabinet.

  21. Janet,
    I love your dishes. They are so beautiful. I also have too many dishes. I need to do a major spring cleaning and donote stuff to the local charity.

  22. I am slowly rebuilding my collection. I left my others in the UK with my girls. We are all dishaholics! My mother is the worst.

    I envy your gorgeous collection!

  23. Janet -- Wow, what a collection you have. I am not a dishaholic but I do like old plates etc. I have a mix-match of plates that we eat off of -- only because I prefer the old to the new and the mish-mash look of a table set with a diverse set of dishes. but I have few -- only enough to serve a small group of visitors. -- barbara

  24. Janet,
    Lots of pretty dishes. I know its hard to pass them up. I see so many pretty ones at the thrift and have to keep walking. I collect so many things I confuse myself. But I love doing it, collecting, not getting confused.
    Nancy Jo

  25. I love old dishes too : ) I see a few of yours I'd like to have!


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